Data wipe

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    Dear members,

    as most of you probably have noticed, we have had a small issue that resulted in rather catastrophic consequences.
    Earlier this week, a series of crashes resulted in a crash from the dedicated server and the Mysql-script linked to it. Unfortunately, the backup wasn’t running, which caused a loss of data from the past 22 days.
    Both the serverstats and the forums have been reverted to the latest backup-file, which was made on January the 31st, 2016.

    In order to compensate the loss of our players on the database-linked servers, which are the JX-mod and the Classmod on the Zombie Panic: Source servers, a temporary multiplier of 5 is added to the XP gain on the previous named mods. Though this of course cannot compensate for the time lost playing on our servers, but at least it will make it a little bit less painful.
    Regarding other ingame-stuff. All tokens and VIPtokens have been reverted back to the status they were on January the 31st. As far as I know, no VIP was bought in February, so no paid VIPtokens should have been lost. If I’m wrong on this part, please contact Xerox or Joux as soon as possible. They will be able to track down your payment and restore your paid-for points if they have indeed been lost.

    Sadly, the forums are more difficult to compensate than the servers. All posts between January the 31st and February the 22rd have been lost, together with a mayor part of the posts from February the 23rd. This includes important stuff such as applications and inactivity reports.
    If you know someone that had an application running that was made between January the 31st and February the 23rd, please notify that person of the current situation and ask him/her to remake the application. The same counts for people whose application has been denied during this period, since we cannot trace back the exact expiry date of the non-reapply period. They thus have permission to reapply, no matter the original reason of denial.
    If you remember someone going inactive and making a report about that within the timespan of the data-loss, please post that the person in question and info about him/her down here. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t remember the exact inactivity period, as long as we managers know that the person in question is currently inactive.

    There are many things still unclear even to us regarding the current situation, so I will most likely update this topic various times. Also in case of new developments I will keep you guys informed here.

    Crispy Bacon
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