Soldiers of Demise Community Member List 2024

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    Soldiers of Demise Community List 2023

    It has been a while since we had changes to the member list!
    Who would've thought we would have a come back on ZPS in 2022?
    Hit me up if your name on this list is outdated and needs to be changed.

    Joux — Owner, Developer, Server Manager
    XeroX — Developer, Server Manager
    [☎] [Lion] - Community Manager

    Lead Admin
    Psycho Punk — Lead Admin

    Senior Admins

    KingRoan [Dominik9778] — Senior Admin

    Mr.RaBbIt — Senior Admin

    Okypok87 — Senior Admin

    xXToxic_PeanutXx — Senior Admin

    Server Admins

    Daniels — Server Admin

    Mike Hunt — Server Admin

    Opiom — Server Admin

    Schredd — Server Admin


    Bizerco — Member

    Conatur [Leo] — Member

    Crispy Bacon [Mikeforall] — Member

    darkelol123 — Member

    DJ Pehlewan — Member

    Fox McCloud — Member

    Loli_nekoRosa — Member

    Pretraket — Member

    Ronsku(Fin) — Member

    Scottish Fox — Member

    Thekillergreece — Member

    Th3One — Member

    Vox — Member

    Zach — Member

    Inactive Members
    Acy — Member

    *Capť.*Āľpħă* — Server Admin
    19barracuda98 — Member
    BigFatBullFrog [Feng Mao] — Member
    Bluescreen — Server Admin

    C H O C C [GrandmaHumper] — Member
    Chuck Norris — Member
    Ctulhu [Thief] — Member
    Diesel Beats — Member
    Dink — Member
    Dreack — Junior Admin

    Fora [Foralax] — Member
    Gokujuju — Member

    Helghast Party — Member
    Jack Avenger — Member
    Laurens — Member
    LimiteD — Server Admin
    LokiFloki — Member
    Poseidon [SilentPoseidon] — Member

    Khora [redtide] — Member

    relidan — Member
    Spiderman — Member
    strawberry_shortcake [sarahd901] — Member
    Tobacco [Mindy] — Member
    ZabiMan — Member
    Zach — Member

    Zacherino [Dave] — Member

    Zem — Member

    Note: In case of inactivity, members and admins are now being moved into the inactivity vault. All roles inside that vault get the member role, once they decide to return to the community. This way past members of our community have an easier come back instead of re-applying and we keep the admin team clean and updated. Returning from inactivity will require a two week trial (at minimum) to pass, before fully returning to member again.

    Honorable Members
    Cody — Honorable Server Manager

    Mr. 9 — Honorable Server Manager
    Luke — Honorable Community Manager
    Benana [A Blue Banana] — Honorable Contributing Community Member
    Char — Honorable Contributing Community Member

    Sasuke Uchiha — Honorable Contributing Community Member
    SIRΞ [SirJ] — Honorable Contributing Community Member

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