Fungrades 2024 - 1.1.0 Patch Notes - 08/03/2024

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    Fungrades 2024 - 1.1.0 - Post Release update notes and changes.

    This update lists many changes already active within the mod, along with some new QOL Changes, small nerfs and some bigger buffs to several upgrades, yin yang's & perks.

    - Fixes since release -

    Text - Many chat text fixes and colour corrections

    Tri Force - Fixes to the health not applying in a live round.

    Objective Items - Not working on some maps

    Wisp Menu - Menu disappearing.

    RTD - Corrected experience to all reward.

    Ammo - Spawn ammo for your starting weapon.

    Presets - Corrected zombie presets giving you incorrect stats.

    Snorlax - Double Points fix ( was not resetting between rounds ) + Achievements Reward

    Events - Snailmode now sets speed correctly for all players.

    Challenges - Target/Protect corrections that was also causing some players to not received round end rewards/experience.

    - Improvements -

    Zombie Selector - The zombie selection has been given a big upgrade to team balance. Players are now chosen on their hidden skill level, it no longer selects players on their upgrade level/rank.The Amount of zombies chosen is now also dependent on the current win/loss ratio of each map/round. It will now also prevent the top 3 players choosing zombie and becoming zombie at the same time.

    Crash Recovery - Will now attempt to spawn you back to the survivor team if you crashed as a survivor.

    AFK System - Will now correctly disable on deathrun maps.

    !stats - Added whitey/carrier chance.

    HUD System - Map HUD Text should now work along side the fungrade system to prevent flashing and missing information provided by maps ( objective text / timers )

    Hitbox/Speed - Additional code to prevent speed levels exceeding your upgraded speed level when moving/jumping has been added.

    Raygun - Damage increased by 10-15%. Now provides revolver ammo when given.

    Electric Cherry - Added Zap Sound

    Gamble - !gamble loan can now be used to join any gamble of any amount. Your current Experience will be used at the end of each round to pay off your loan untill fully paid.

    Presets - Each team can now have up to 7 presets.

    - Player Upgrades -


    Speed now affects your stamina regeneration rate.


    Speed now affects your lunge regeneration rate.

    Health Regen will now remove bleeding effects. % Chance = Level.

    - Prestige Upgrades -


    Piercing Bullets - 4% -> 5%

    Armour Regen Initial Cooldown - 65s -> 60s

    Bleed Damage - 10% -> 15%

    Thorns - 10% -> 20%


    Prop Damage - 15% -> 25%

    Bleed Damage - 10% -> 15%

    - Yin Yangs -


    Hunter - Damage Debuff 15% -> 20%

    Tank - HP & Toughness Per Level 5% -> 4%

    - Perks -


    Engineer - Per level slow 15% -> 20%. Now Starts with a frag grenade.

    Trapper - Base Damage 25 -> 50

    Dr Boom - Base Damage Removed, Per Level 15 -> 20

    Exhaust - Changed to 10% flat per level.


    Plague - As Plague(using infection upgrade) bypasses Armour, the infection chance has now been halved. Plague will now be consumed on the first infection. The Tick/Proc rate has been buffed by 20%!

    Blaze - Slightly increased duration, range and damage by 20%~

    Saboteur - Removed Base chance ( 10% -> 20% -> 30% )

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