Fungrades 2024 - 1.2.0 Patch Notes - 22/03/2024

  • Fungrades 2024 - 1.2.0 - Zombie Balance, Infection Changes, Stat strength moved into Yin Yang's from Upgrades.

    - Notes -

    This update is focused on moving the power of infection and its relevant builds ( On-Hit Power, Mutation, Plague ) into Yin Yang's .

    Along with this change, the strength of both Damage & Health from upgrades have also been moved into Yin Yang's ( Keeping Damage & Health Builds viable )

    Zombies currently have an insanely high win rate across 90% of the maps played, ( even with the new zombie selection feature which will select based on skill ) zombies are still having a little bit of an easy time. Due to this, higher skilled players are also having little chance of becoming a zombie on the majority of maps ( along with the fact everyone pressing F2 ).

    As Yin Yang's feel slightly underwhelming at the moment, several Yin Yang's have had their overall power has now been made far more stronger than previous. They have also been given scaling de-buffs making them viable at all levels.

    Although the Zombie infection upgrade is receiving a nerf from upgrades, survivor armour no longer completely prevents infection. Having armour now increases your infection protection chance by 2x. Ultimately, if survivors still decide against upgrading infection protection, zombie infection builds will now be far more deadly.

    Similar to infection, armour now reduces the attackers bleed chance by 50%

    ** FYI: Changes below that include 'Base' refers to the additional ( or negative ) stat provided at level 1 included for both Yin Yang's & Perks.

    - Changes -

    Infection now provides additional experience when a survivor turns from your infection.

    Paralyze Yin Yang removed and replaced with the new Reckless Yin Yang.

    4 New Prestige Specific Upgrade Yin Yang's have been added

    Zombie Cripple Upgrade Removed, Replaced with Endurance ( Anti-Cripple/Slow )

    For simplicity and easy understanding for all. Infection and Infection Protection now works with Armour(2x Infection Protection) for all interactions. Plague chance re-buffed to 100% from upgrades ( from 50% ).

    Bleed stacks now reduce Life steal effectiveness ( Revitaliser, Bloodthirster, Vampire )

    Yin Yang de-buffs now scale with each level, making them worthwhile at all levels.

    Medics now receive a default 10% infection protection.

    - Fixes -

    Mutation Air Proc Rate

    Map Starting weapons fixed ( Multiple Melee Weapons ).

    Vampire Perk now works correctly ( was providing 0 health in specific conditions )

    Pre-set ID Numbers & Loading

    - Improvements -

    Math Questions - Additional questions have been added.

    Medic - Medics will now show an alternative icon for mutated players and will provide additional experience when cured. Airborne Mutation will now also be visible to all players.

    Challenges - Completing challenges will now provide more experience in chained succession.

    Zombie Selection System

    - Player Upgrades -


    Health 4 -> 3

    Armour - No longer provides 100% anti-infection. Armour now provides 2x Infection Protection Rate & also reduces the attackers bleed chance by half.

    Cripple - Slow duration slightly increased.


    Damage 2% -> 1%

    Health 4 -> 3

    Infection 1.5% -> 1%

    Cripple Upgrade Removed & Replaced with Endurance to counter speed reductions ( Cripple & Engineer Grenades )

    - Yin Yang's -


    Loris - Base Damage increased by 5%

    Bulwark - Base Health & Armour Increased by 5%

    Contagion - Base Infection increased by 5%

    Lacerate - Base Bleed increased by 5%

    Bullet - Negative changed to Stamina Regen ( From Damage Reduction )

    Thor - Changed to 5% -> 10% per Level - Base Damage Removed ( 5% ).

    NEW* Trueshot - Increased Headshot Damage at the expense of Damage

    NEW* Guard - Increased Armour per tick from Armour Regen at the expense of Maximum Armour.


    Brute - Base Damage reduced to 5%. Per Level Damage increased to 5% -> 10%. * This Yin Yang counters the damage nerf, keeping the damage builds intact .

    Hunter - Speed Base Removed, Per level 1% -> 2%

    Tank - HP & Armour reverted to 4% -> 5% per level.

    Slash - Base (2.5%) Removed. 2.5% -> 3% Per Level. Negative changed to Toughness ( From Damage Reduction )

    REMOVED* Paralyze

    NEW* Reckless - Endurance 10% Base + 5% Per Level. Attack Speed Reduction.

    NEW* Wound - Increases Bleed Damage per tick at the expense of Bleed Chance.

    NEW* Blight - Reduces the time in which your infection turns a survivor at the expense of infection chance.

    - Perks -


    Exhaust - Base Strength 0% -> 10%

    (Patch 1.2.3) Engineer - Max Slow 60% -> 15% ( At All Levels ). Each level now increases its strength against Endurance. Duration Reduced by 10 seconds.

    This change keeps engineer new player friendly whilst also remaining strong against higher ranked players at its higher upgraded level.


    Bloodthirster - 10% -> 15% Per Level.

    Vampire - 15% -> 10% of Max Health Per Level.

    Claw - Base Armour Damage Removed ( 5 ).

    Enrage - Base health removed ( 10 ) Per Level 10 -> 15

    Mutation - Now applies 1 stack of mutation at all levels ( out of the 4 ) on hit, further damage from ANY Player or Bleed ticks will increase the mutation level by 1 ( up to the upgraded mutation level ) they were hit with. *New - If another player with a higher mutation level attacks a mutated target, their Maximum mutation level will also be raised.

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