Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.5 Patch Notes - 12/04/2024

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    Medic 4.0 & Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.5

    This week Medic has received a QOL Update with new selective medic traits/perks, along with medic statistics ( fresh, starting from today ).

    Fungrades will also be releasing with a mid version update patch.

    Medic 4.0

    As a medic, you will now have the upgrade option to choose the medic perk you wish to use, there are currently 5 perks available.

    Shaman - Your passive healing also provides a 5% chance to Cure & Bandage survivors.

    Mender - Curing and Bandaging other survivors provides you both with additional health.

    Doctor - You will no longer lose a charge when you fail to cure a survivor.

    Priest - Cures & Bandages provide 50 healing charge.

    Warlock - When out of charges, you can sacrifice 33% of your maximum health to cure or bandage other survivors.

    Base Charges changed to 1.

    Increased base recharge rate from 100 -> 120 seconds. Increased per level from 7 -> 8 Seconds.

    Experience rates have slightly been increased & Medic Statistics have arrived! !medic <name>

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.5

    - Changes -

    Zombie Selector / Late Joiners / Zombie Spammers - Additional changes to prevent the abuse of team selection has been added.

    The Point Reduction is now more forgiving to those who do not abuse the selection system and now scales fairly for those abusing the system to those who are not.

    Presets can now be swapped ( once ) mid round as a zombie. They can also be preselected as a survivor for the next round.

    Any benefits the previous preset provided will be lost ( eg Gravedigger ).

    Team Win Bonuses & Curses - You will now gain experience rate bonuses depending on the current win rate of the map.

    Example: Low Survivor Win Rate = More Experience for Survivor wins.

    Achievements - 8 new achievements have been added ( Curses ).

    - Improvements -
    Crash/Restore system
    - Will now return any starting player bonuses and attempt to respawn you on the correct team.

    - Perks -


    Engineer - Base slow ( 20% ) now increased by Pushback/Cripple Strength.

    Dr Boom - Dr Boom Damage now increased by Upgraded Damage % ( Ranged ).

    Trapper - Base damage 50 -> 0. Trapper Damage now increased by Upgraded Damage % ( Ranged ).

    - Yin Yangs -


    *NEW Fitness - Increases Stamina Regen and the expense of Speed.


    *NEW Inferno - Increases Explosive Damage & Resistance at the expense of Damage.

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