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    Fungrades 2024 - 1.5.5 - Minor Post 1.5 Release Changes

    *The Majority of these changes have already been added this week.

    - Changes -

    Bleed - Bleed now deals 4 base damage for both teams.

    Each stack provides 4 additional damage. 1 Stack = 8 Damage, 2 Stacks = 12 Damage.

    Upgrades affect stack damage only. ( The 4 Base damage cannot be increased )

    Survivor Bleed 'Tick' Time changed to 10 -> 12 Seconds.
    Zombie Bleed 'Tick' Time changed to 2 -> 3 Seconds.

    Bots ! - Bots have finally learned how to use rpg ! Bots now have Level 20 Bleed & Toughness and Level 10 Infection.

    Math - Math questions have been changed to Hud Text. They will still appear in chat for those with the Pass Challenge (and will appear much sooner).

    Dependant on the player base, multiple people can now answer the math questions, runners up will gain half the previous experience reward.

    For token rewards, all players will receive a token.

    You will also no longer be randomly slayed if you were second to answer ( this was a bug ).

    Panic Pass - You will no longer need to spend any tokens on any challenges. ( Keeping in line with the Anti-EA statement ).
    The Curse Challenge has been made free whilst active, Double EXP Challenge can now be re-rolled for free in the Coin Shop ( !pass )

    Although you would gain enough tokens to complete them at later levels, the early levels proved difficult to complete if you started with very little tokens.

    - Fixes -
    Now provides the correct amount of ammo for low clip guns ( e.g Winchester )

    - Prestige Upgrades -

    Bleed Damage - Changed to 25% per level ( in simple terms, +1 damage per stack )

    - Perks -


    Thor - Base Damage 0% -> 10%. Per Level 10% -> 5%

    Lightning Fist - Base Change 0% -> 10%. Per Level 10% -> 5%. Stun Duration 1s -> 0.5s.

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.5.0 - The Panic Pass

    - Changes -

    Presets - Preset swapping has been reduced to 2 mins from 3.

    Achievements - New achievements have been added.

    Prestige - You no longer lose current Experience after a prestige.

    Math Questions - Math questions will be seen more frequently.

    Players on the new Math Pass Challenge will see questions 1 second sooner.

    Jouxbox - !pass has been changed to !skip.

    - Fixes -
    Level 4 ammo consumption.

    Lobby players sometimes spawning in as a survivor/zombie.

    Re-joining abuse

    !preset - Will now load on first command use.

    - Perks -


    Haemorrhage - Base Damage 0% -> 5%. (e.g. 1 Stack = 2.5% -> 7.5% / 2 Stacks = 5% -> 10%)

    Pyro - Minimum Burn Time 1s -> 2s. Pyro now spreads to nearby zombies in a small range around your target.

    Trapper - Trapper no longer provides additional barricade ammo regen.

    Dr Boom - Range increased by 20%

    Electric Cherry - Range increased by 20%

    *NEW Lightning Fist - Fists have the chance of electrifying your target and nearby zombies.

    Stunning and dealing additional Ranged Damage ( Activating any other ranged perks )

    Damage = Double Upgrade Level

    Example: Level 20 damage will deal 40 raw additional damage to your target and nearby zombies.


    Bloodhound - Base Damage 0% -> 5%. (e.g. 1 Stack = 2.5% -> 7.5% / 2 Stacks = 5% -> 10%)

    Enrage - Enrage now activates when taking damage. Whitey can still activate this manually when Roaring.

    Blaze - Increased damage by 25%

    Vampire - Base life restoration increased to 0% -> 10%

    *NEW Smoke - Creates a smoke bomb on death reducing vision, Damage and Movement Speed.

    - Yin Yang's -


    *NEW Bludgeon - Increases Melee Bleed Chance and the expense of Ranged Bleed Chance


    *NEW Shell - Increases Toughness when taking damage from Behind at the expense of reducing Toughness from the Front.

    The Soldiers of Demise Panic Pass - Season 1 has arrived!

    Much like a classic battle pass, completing pass challenges will provide brand new and unique in-game rewards.

    How it works

    Once Activated ( !pass ), you will have the chance to complete 2 Challenges per day.

    Completing a challenge will reward you with a Level Based Reward ( See Table Below ).

    For every 10 levels obtained, you will also gain new Unique Permanent Rewards.

    Completing the pass within 45 days will also unlock the Panic Pass Skin ( VIP Only ).

    If you did not complete a challenge on the previous day, they are reset and randomized everyday automatically.

    There are a total of 10 different Challenges which will be randomly assigned each time you complete one.

    For those of you who love to speed run challenges, a Pass Plus option has been added that will allow you to complete an additional challenge each day.

    *Anti-EA Games: All levels and unique rewards can be obtained without spending any in-game currency. As stated above, the pass plus option has been initially added for speed running purposes.


    There are no costs to activate the Panic Pass.

    Once activated you will have 45 days to obtain the unique skin, all other rewards have no time limit.

    Once you reach level 10, the rewards will reset back to level 1 ( e.g. Level 11 = level 1 )

    *There are total of 11 Unique Permanent Rewards, Level 100 provides 2. Level 10 Rewards will be kept hidden until discovered in-game!

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
    Experience * Random Item Experience * Tokens * Panic Pass Coins
    Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
    Premium Points * Experience * VIP Days Experience * Unique Permanent Reward

    * The Pass Plus Option also provides 10% Additional Rewards to Experience, Tokens and Premium Points per level.

    Medic 4.0 & Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.5

    This week Medic has received a QOL Update with new selective medic traits/perks, along with medic statistics ( fresh, starting from today ).

    Fungrades will also be releasing with a mid version update patch.

    Medic 4.0

    As a medic, you will now have the upgrade option to choose the medic perk you wish to use, there are currently 5 perks available.

    Shaman - Your passive healing also provides a 5% chance to Cure & Bandage survivors.

    Mender - Curing and Bandaging other survivors provides you both with additional health.

    Doctor - You will no longer lose a charge when you fail to cure a survivor.

    Priest - Cures & Bandages provide 50 healing charge.

    Warlock - When out of charges, you can sacrifice 33% of your maximum health to cure or bandage other survivors.

    Base Charges changed to 1.

    Increased base recharge rate from 100 -> 120 seconds. Increased per level from 7 -> 8 Seconds.

    Experience rates have slightly been increased & Medic Statistics have arrived! !medic <name>

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.5

    - Changes -

    Zombie Selector / Late Joiners / Zombie Spammers - Additional changes to prevent the abuse of team selection has been added.

    The Point Reduction is now more forgiving to those who do not abuse the selection system and now scales fairly for those abusing the system to those who are not.

    Presets can now be swapped ( once ) mid round as a zombie. They can also be preselected as a survivor for the next round.

    Any benefits the previous preset provided will be lost ( eg Gravedigger ).

    Team Win Bonuses & Curses - You will now gain experience rate bonuses depending on the current win rate of the map.

    Example: Low Survivor Win Rate = More Experience for Survivor wins.

    Achievements - 8 new achievements have been added ( Curses ).

    - Improvements -
    Crash/Restore system
    - Will now return any starting player bonuses and attempt to respawn you on the correct team.

    - Perks -


    Engineer - Base slow ( 20% ) now increased by Pushback/Cripple Strength.

    Dr Boom - Dr Boom Damage now increased by Upgraded Damage % ( Ranged ).

    Trapper - Base damage 50 -> 0. Trapper Damage now increased by Upgraded Damage % ( Ranged ).

    - Yin Yangs -


    *NEW Fitness - Increases Stamina Regen and the expense of Speed.


    *NEW Inferno - Increases Explosive Damage & Resistance at the expense of Damage.

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.3.0 - Minor stat changes, Engineer & Specialist Buff. New Perks & Yin Yangs. New Feature - Curses!

    - Notes -

    This patch brings some minor changes and fun buffs to several yin yang's & perks.

    Some changes/fixes listed below have already been added since 1.2.0

    A new feature has been also added: Curses

    - Changes -

    Raygun FOV

    HUD Size for both Fungrades & Medic

    Bleed - Bleed Damage has been slightly buffed for both teams and normalized with their upgrades via Prestige Upgrades, Yin Yang's & Perks.

    RTD Cooldown Changes

    Zombie Abuse - You will now gain up to 50% less points. The code on how this system works will be kept private.

    - Fixes -

    Bleed proc point gain

    Trapper Cades now output the correct damage and will explode when stood on

    Starting weapons fix

    Max Player integrations

    Killing spree's ( suicide )

    - Improvements -

    Zombie Selection System - new linked commands !skill & !wr/!winrate will provide a simple rating for your zombie performance & current winrate for the current map.

    - Player Upgrades -


    Cripple/Pushback - Increased per level by 25%. *As endurance is now a hard counter, this upgrade required a small buff per level.

    - Yin Yangs -


    Loris - Base 5% -> 0%

    *NEW Zeus - Ranged Damage at the expense of Ammo Regen. ( 5% / 5% )


    Blight - Time per level 10s -> 15s

    *NEW Charger - Lunge Speed at the expense of Lunge Regen

    - Perks -


    Engineer - Slow 15% -> 20%. Time Changed from 15 -> 10-25 Seconds.

    Specialist - Starting weapon now also provides 5% Damage Piercing.

    *NEW Penetrator - Toughness Penetration. 15% (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Revolver)

    - Zombie -

    Blaze - Changed. Blaze chance is now 50% for all levels. Each level now provides an extra blaze near the first, up to 4 Blazes.

    Plague - Changed. Has been made 40% bigger. the centre of he cloud now provides up to 2x infection chance rate, down to 0.5x on the outer edge.

    *NEW Maniac - Chance to trigger explosives held by survivors, damage is dealt around the target ( Chance 5 10 15 20 ) Deals 100 Damage.

    - Curses -

    From Prestige level 2 and above, curses have been introduced to provide alternative difficulty levels to the game.

    Curses provide additional Experience Rates at the expense of some nasty player Curses! Once a curse has been inflicted upon yourself, you will be given a random Curse and its Passive.

    Curses are only available for Starting Survivors & Zombies, they can be bought within the first 10 seconds of a round.

    As a survivor, curses are lost on upon Death. For Zombies, curses will last the entire round.

    If the curses become too strong, you can always !decurse yourself at any point of the game.

    New Commands: !curse /curse !decurse /decurse

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.2.0 - Zombie Balance, Infection Changes, Stat strength moved into Yin Yang's from Upgrades.

    - Notes -

    This update is focused on moving the power of infection and its relevant builds ( On-Hit Power, Mutation, Plague ) into Yin Yang's .

    Along with this change, the strength of both Damage & Health from upgrades have also been moved into Yin Yang's ( Keeping Damage & Health Builds viable )

    Zombies currently have an insanely high win rate across 90% of the maps played, ( even with the new zombie selection feature which will select based on skill ) zombies are still having a little bit of an easy time. Due to this, higher skilled players are also having little chance of becoming a zombie on the majority of maps ( along with the fact everyone pressing F2 ).

    As Yin Yang's feel slightly underwhelming at the moment, several Yin Yang's have had their overall power has now been made far more stronger than previous. They have also been given scaling de-buffs making them viable at all levels.

    Although the Zombie infection upgrade is receiving a nerf from upgrades, survivor armour no longer completely prevents infection. Having armour now increases your infection protection chance by 2x. Ultimately, if survivors still decide against upgrading infection protection, zombie infection builds will now be far more deadly.

    Similar to infection, armour now reduces the attackers bleed chance by 50%

    ** FYI: Changes below that include 'Base' refers to the additional ( or negative ) stat provided at level 1 included for both Yin Yang's & Perks.

    - Changes -

    Infection now provides additional experience when a survivor turns from your infection.

    Paralyze Yin Yang removed and replaced with the new Reckless Yin Yang.

    4 New Prestige Specific Upgrade Yin Yang's have been added

    Zombie Cripple Upgrade Removed, Replaced with Endurance ( Anti-Cripple/Slow )

    For simplicity and easy understanding for all. Infection and Infection Protection now works with Armour(2x Infection Protection) for all interactions. Plague chance re-buffed to 100% from upgrades ( from 50% ).

    Bleed stacks now reduce Life steal effectiveness ( Revitaliser, Bloodthirster, Vampire )

    Yin Yang de-buffs now scale with each level, making them worthwhile at all levels.

    Medics now receive a default 10% infection protection.

    - Fixes -

    Mutation Air Proc Rate

    Map Starting weapons fixed ( Multiple Melee Weapons ).

    Vampire Perk now works correctly ( was providing 0 health in specific conditions )

    Pre-set ID Numbers & Loading

    - Improvements -

    Math Questions - Additional questions have been added.

    Medic - Medics will now show an alternative icon for mutated players and will provide additional experience when cured. Airborne Mutation will now also be visible to all players.

    Challenges - Completing challenges will now provide more experience in chained succession.

    Zombie Selection System

    - Player Upgrades -


    Health 4 -> 3

    Armour - No longer provides 100% anti-infection. Armour now provides 2x Infection Protection Rate & also reduces the attackers bleed chance by half.

    Cripple - Slow duration slightly increased.


    Damage 2% -> 1%

    Health 4 -> 3

    Infection 1.5% -> 1%

    Cripple Upgrade Removed & Replaced with Endurance to counter speed reductions ( Cripple & Engineer Grenades )

    - Yin Yang's -


    Loris - Base Damage increased by 5%

    Bulwark - Base Health & Armour Increased by 5%

    Contagion - Base Infection increased by 5%

    Lacerate - Base Bleed increased by 5%

    Bullet - Negative changed to Stamina Regen ( From Damage Reduction )

    Thor - Changed to 5% -> 10% per Level - Base Damage Removed ( 5% ).

    NEW* Trueshot - Increased Headshot Damage at the expense of Damage

    NEW* Guard - Increased Armour per tick from Armour Regen at the expense of Maximum Armour.


    Brute - Base Damage reduced to 5%. Per Level Damage increased to 5% -> 10%. * This Yin Yang counters the damage nerf, keeping the damage builds intact .

    Hunter - Speed Base Removed, Per level 1% -> 2%

    Tank - HP & Armour reverted to 4% -> 5% per level.

    Slash - Base (2.5%) Removed. 2.5% -> 3% Per Level. Negative changed to Toughness ( From Damage Reduction )

    REMOVED* Paralyze

    NEW* Reckless - Endurance 10% Base + 5% Per Level. Attack Speed Reduction.

    NEW* Wound - Increases Bleed Damage per tick at the expense of Bleed Chance.

    NEW* Blight - Reduces the time in which your infection turns a survivor at the expense of infection chance.

    - Perks -


    Exhaust - Base Strength 0% -> 10%

    (Patch 1.2.3) Engineer - Max Slow 60% -> 15% ( At All Levels ). Each level now increases its strength against Endurance. Duration Reduced by 10 seconds.

    This change keeps engineer new player friendly whilst also remaining strong against higher ranked players at its higher upgraded level.


    Bloodthirster - 10% -> 15% Per Level.

    Vampire - 15% -> 10% of Max Health Per Level.

    Claw - Base Armour Damage Removed ( 5 ).

    Enrage - Base health removed ( 10 ) Per Level 10 -> 15

    Mutation - Now applies 1 stack of mutation at all levels ( out of the 4 ) on hit, further damage from ANY Player or Bleed ticks will increase the mutation level by 1 ( up to the upgraded mutation level ) they were hit with. *New - If another player with a higher mutation level attacks a mutated target, their Maximum mutation level will also be raised.

    Fungrades 2024 - 1.1.0 - Post Release update notes and changes.

    This update lists many changes already active within the mod, along with some new QOL Changes, small nerfs and some bigger buffs to several upgrades, yin yang's & perks.

    - Fixes since release -

    Text - Many chat text fixes and colour corrections

    Tri Force - Fixes to the health not applying in a live round.

    Objective Items - Not working on some maps

    Wisp Menu - Menu disappearing.

    RTD - Corrected experience to all reward.

    Ammo - Spawn ammo for your starting weapon.

    Presets - Corrected zombie presets giving you incorrect stats.

    Snorlax - Double Points fix ( was not resetting between rounds ) + Achievements Reward

    Events - Snailmode now sets speed correctly for all players.

    Challenges - Target/Protect corrections that was also causing some players to not received round end rewards/experience.

    - Improvements -

    Zombie Selector - The zombie selection has been given a big upgrade to team balance. Players are now chosen on their hidden skill level, it no longer selects players on their upgrade level/rank.The Amount of zombies chosen is now also dependent on the current win/loss ratio of each map/round. It will now also prevent the top 3 players choosing zombie and becoming zombie at the same time.

    Crash Recovery - Will now attempt to spawn you back to the survivor team if you crashed as a survivor.

    AFK System - Will now correctly disable on deathrun maps.

    !stats - Added whitey/carrier chance.

    HUD System - Map HUD Text should now work along side the fungrade system to prevent flashing and missing information provided by maps ( objective text / timers )

    Hitbox/Speed - Additional code to prevent speed levels exceeding your upgraded speed level when moving/jumping has been added.

    Raygun - Damage increased by 10-15%. Now provides revolver ammo when given.

    Electric Cherry - Added Zap Sound

    Gamble - !gamble loan can now be used to join any gamble of any amount. Your current Experience will be used at the end of each round to pay off your loan untill fully paid.

    Presets - Each team can now have up to 7 presets.

    - Player Upgrades -


    Speed now affects your stamina regeneration rate.


    Speed now affects your lunge regeneration rate.

    Health Regen will now remove bleeding effects. % Chance = Level.

    - Prestige Upgrades -


    Piercing Bullets - 4% -> 5%

    Armour Regen Initial Cooldown - 65s -> 60s

    Bleed Damage - 10% -> 15%

    Thorns - 10% -> 20%


    Prop Damage - 15% -> 25%

    Bleed Damage - 10% -> 15%

    - Yin Yangs -


    Hunter - Damage Debuff 15% -> 20%

    Tank - HP & Toughness Per Level 5% -> 4%

    - Perks -


    Engineer - Per level slow 15% -> 20%. Now Starts with a frag grenade.

    Trapper - Base Damage 25 -> 50

    Dr Boom - Base Damage Removed, Per Level 15 -> 20

    Exhaust - Changed to 10% flat per level.


    Plague - As Plague(using infection upgrade) bypasses Armour, the infection chance has now been halved. Plague will now be consumed on the first infection. The Tick/Proc rate has been buffed by 20%!

    Blaze - Slightly increased duration, range and damage by 20%~

    Saboteur - Removed Base chance ( 10% -> 20% -> 30% )

    Fungrades 2022 (v8.0.0) - Challenges. Bleed Upgrade. Yin Yang Team Split & Buff.

    *** New ***

    > Challenges! Dailies have been upgraded and replaced with Challenges. Challenges will now be given at the start of rounds automatically ( To Starting Survivors and Zombies )

    Players will be randomly selected at the start of each round, which will provide up to two challenges ( Zombies have a higher chance of obtaining Challenges ).

    Completing challenges will increase the difficulty and provide larger rewards on completion. Challenges do not have a limit and can be completed continuously throughout the day.

    Challenges also come with daily goals, the more you complete, the greater the rewards!

    > New Upgrade - Bleed - Upgrade % Chance to apply bleed from damage dealt. Stops health regen (Survivor Medic / Zombie Health Regen Upgrade). Players with bleed take +5% increased damage ( Additional Haemorrhage stacks also increase damage by 5% per stack ).

    > Gamble

    > "!gamble auto|off" has been added to automatically join gamble events. You gamble addicts will never miss a gamble again!

    > !gamblestats will now also provide a menu to show leaderboards for the most profitable player, most played, biggest winners and biggest losers.

    *** Changes ***

    > Upgrade Costs - With the addition of bleed, prestige upgrade costs per level have been reduced entirely ( Starting at -20% ). Upgrades will gradually cost more per level ( at higher levels ).

    > Zombie Health Regen Rework - Health Regen is now always active, upgrading now increases regen speed. Out of combat is now 3x effective.

    > Yin Yang Team Split - Survivor & Zombies can now choose a yin yang for each team. e.g Survivor Fleetfoot, Zombie Thor.

    > Medic

    > The Green Inoculator now also removes Mutation when curing infection.

    > Bandage Upgrade - The Red Inoculator no longer uses health charge. Instead, it makes use of its own charges to cure bleeding effects and provide a small heal. Each inoculator has their own individual cooldown ( based on the inoculator regen upgrade )

    > The boost has been merged into a single purchase which provides health charge & inoc charges.

    *** Yin Yang Changes & Additions ***

    > Tank - No Changes

    > Brute - Zombie Damage Taken 10% -> 5%

    > Hunter - Speed 4% -> 5% / Damage -10% -> -15%

    > Vampire - Total Health Reduced by 25% from 50%

    > Berserker - Moved to P2. Increased charge rate for both teams. Speed -7.5% -> -5%.

    > Fleetfoot - Survivor Speed Upgrade Halved -> Stamina Upgrade Disabled.

    > Barbarian - Survivor +20% Damage Taken -> Armour Upgrade Halved. +20% Damage Taken -> Toughness Upgrade Halved.

    > Haemorrhage - 15/40% Chance Removed -> Evolves bleed upgrade. Bleed procs now stack increasing the damage received each tick. / -15% Damage -> Infection Disabled.

    > NEW* Blaze - Survivor - Incendiary Grenades + Shotguns / -25% Non Shotgun Damage. Zombie - Blaze Martyr / Damage Upgrade Converted to Blaze Damage. Aura - +3 Cripple.

    > Loris - Zombie Damage 15% -> 25%

    > Thor - Moved to Level 4. Survivor Melee & Gun Buff/Debuffs Reverted 35% -> 40% . Zombie 50% Range Removed. -> Every 3rd hit deals Double Damage. -15% Damage -> -15% Attack Speed.

    > Technician - Moved to Level 5. Survivor ROF -20% -> Cripple Disabled. Zombie - Multiple Jams will now break the weapon. Zombie Attack Speed -20% -> Cripple Disabled.

    > Plague - Survivor 15% -> 25% Anti-Infection. Now also immune to Zombie Infection Martyr. Zombie - Plague cloud area increased, slightly reduced max rng duration.

    > Assault - Survivor Ammo Regen Rate Reduced by 50% -> 25%. Zombie Attack Speed 10% -> 12.5%. Aura AttackSpeed/FireRate 3% -> 2.5%.

    > Specialist - Survivor Starting Guns now gain 20% Damage. Zombies Deal 30% More Damage to Infected/Mutated Targets

    > Ballistic - Survivor Magazine Ammo Consumption 30% -> 20%

    *** Fixes ***

    > Round Based Achievements will now correctly work as intended.

    > Prestige Yin Yang menu/change corrections.

    *** QOL/Other Changes***

    > Changed hive spawn logic which removes the teleport on spawn.

    > Hive spawn and de-spawn animation is smoother.

    > Bots no longer spawn as carriers.

    > Due to the change to dailies, math questions will now be seen by everyone at all times.

    > Improved zombie selection/spawn code. ( + Fixes to the double spawning )

    We used to run that 'general' game mode as 'Kings Mod' many years ago, i am sure we split the players 50/50 human/zombies. humans re spawned, was a lot of fun

    That map is such a 50/50 though, in terms of a server filler and those who love/hate it, it always has been.

    I have seen it populate the server rather than kill it, but that was well over a year ago.

    My update to the map defo gave zombies a better chance.. Right..?

    1 new Perk Added - Death Knight - description above.

    Stats system has also been modified slightly, point rate gain/loss has been multiplied by 10. which means top ranked players will now gain tiny amounts of skill rating for killing anyone( rather than only gaining skill rating against players with similar skill rating )

    Along with this change, a new kill !feed which will indicate who you killed and vice versa ( with skill rating gain/loss information ). This will hopefully make the stats system easier to understand in how you gain/lose points !

    Map Conversion system has been removed. I didn't like it.

    Your upgrades and points now transfer automatically to the next map without the loss of any points. The new system, after 5 minutes of not rejoining the server, your points will slowly start decay over time.

    This means all active players, even if you only play for an hour or two, will be rewarded with upgrade points the next time you join.

    Upgrades also now max out at 10.

    Over the last few months, both xerox and myself have been working on a brand new perk/class system, which will work significantly different to our previous mods.
    We have specifically designed a system that will allow anyone to join at anytime without the need to spend hours on end trying to get points to match other players stats & upgrades.

    is our latest and greatest mod that will revolutionize the world of Zombie Panic Source Kappa which will offer various different perks and classes, randomly provided each map for each individual player. Along with the randomised perks, we have also added some of our iconic upgrades that have been in our systems over the many years we have been running.

    For those watching the devlog, you may already know several of the perk names included, and for those that played our previous classmod. I do plan to add more over time ( hopefully ones you can all suggest ).

    How does it work?

    For each map, you will be provided with 2 random perks. These perks currently include various types of buffs, some designed around damage enhancements, some designed solely for defence, some for utility purposes, and even some being slightly... random.
    You cannot change your perks manually, however, they can be re-roll via Roll The Dice. Roll the dice, including the much-loved Burn and Freeze outcomes, will also provide the chance to obtain a third Perk. The 3rd perk will then remain with you for the remainder of the current map.

    4 Upgrades have been added to each team, for Survivors you will have Speed, Damage, Armour & Ammo Regen. For the Zombie team you have Speed, Damage, Health & Infection. Upgrade points are gained from dealing Damage, getting kills & assists and from Roll The Dice.

    However, although we have included our classic upgrades to the system, we have made one big change. Upgrades are temporary for each session. I wanted to create a system that was not a grind fest for upgrade points, but rather a system than can be enjoyed without the 'need' for a mod reset due to the system getting to a stage where the long term players are far too overpowered for new players to comete with. There is no longer the need to spend 25 hours a day playing to become the very best, You join, and instantly receive 2 perks and will quickly obtain upgrade points to spend. With this mod, you also do not need to worry about crashing, or restarting your game for what ever reason, the system will give you 5 minutes to rejoin before your upgrades are reset.

    Map Conversion (The confusing part, but not really)
    But players who have played for a couple of hours will still be stronger than me still!
    Yes, to some degree. Each map you will lose a % of your upgrade points, However, the longer you play, the % gained back will increase by 10% ( Starting at 30% ).

    As an example: If you manage to make 100 Upgrade points in your first map, the next map you play will provide you with 30 (30% Map Conversion) Upgrade points in return. If you are still playing at the end of your second map and you have gathered another 100 Upgrade points in total, you will then receive 40 (40% Map Conversion) Upgrade points for the next map. This is now the only reward for long duration of play, you will be overall stronger than other players, but remember, it does not take long for everyone to reach max upgrade potential!!!

    Map Conversion system has been removed. Upgrades no longer reset on each map change. However, now if you leave for long than 5 minutes, you total upgrade points will decay over time.

    Balance System + Last Stand
    This mod will also include a new balancing system which will provide early buffs for zombies if they are having little success at the start of the round, the hope for this system is to prevent starting zombies from leaving by giving them some early buffs ( Health/Damage). In chat notifications will be printed when the system is active.
    But don't fret survivors, it would not be fair giving zombies a buff without doing anything to the human team! Therefore, survivors will also receive a small buff if they are the last remaining survivor(s) (depending on playerbase).

    Automatic Upgrade System
    Inspired by Leo, and his need to help and provide new players with information about upgrading. I have made a kind of 'failsafe' system, which is ON by default. This will attempt to upgrade you, randomly, if enough upgrade points are available. a huge portion of players from our previous systems did not upgrade, this will give players who still do not fully understand that little extra boost regardless. It will print in chat the upgrade that has been upgraded when the script runs each time.

    Stats System
    The mod now has a skill-based stat system in place.Your rank, skill points, and gained skill points will be printed in chat.

    You will gain points based on the victims skill rating. This will range anywhere between 1 skill Point to 40~ skill points.

    You will also lose a small portion of skill rating on death if the attackers skill rating is far lower than your own.

    !rpg !upgrade !menu - Opens the upgrade menu.
    !perk !perks - Displays your current perks.
    !rtd - Rolls the Dice
    !auto - Toggles the Automatic Upgrade System ( ON by Default )
    !boost - Shows the boost menu.
    !top10 - Shows top 10 players ( Stats System )
    !rank - shows you current rank and skill rating.
    !feed - Toggles the kill feed.

    The Perks

    Hazmat - You cannot be infected.
    Samurai - Increases all melee damage output by 100% !
    Unit - You take 30% less damage from all zombie damage.
    The Doc - Provides you with unlimited health regeneration.
    Dave - The Mad Lad, provides random buffs throughout the round.
    Elsa - Dealing damage slows zombies by 25%.
    Scout - Provides additional base movement speed ( Speed Upgrades are also more effective per level )
    Carpenter - Barricades are 3x stronger. You will also start with 3 barricades which are placed on the ground at round start.
    John Wick - Headshots do 25% more damage.
    Einstein - You gain Upgrade Points faster from all sources.
    The Punisher - You start with an additional 'random' gun.
    Bolt - Increased Stamina Regeneration.
    Medic - Provides the player with a deployable medkit which grants healing when in range. Hold E to spawn.
    The Mountain - Provides an additional 50 max health on spawn. Works with healing items / perks.
    Thor - Spawns with a Sledghammer & grants 100% more damage. ( You cannot use other melee weapons )
    Guardian - Reduces damage taken from zombies to nearby Survivors.

    Lagertha - Increases attack range by 50%
    Brute - You take 30% less damage from all human damage.
    Braindead - Headshot damage reduced by 50%.
    Whitey - Spawns as a whitey that provides extra damage/infection/health.
    Vamps - Dealing damage provides 50% lifesteal.
    Predator - Grants 100% Stealth. Taking damage will reveal, and when in close proximity of a survivor.
    Wolverine - Increases damage to breakable items by 300%.
    Tank - Base health increased by 100.
    Ender - Increases base damage.
    Hunter - Provides additional base movement speed ( Speed Upgrades are also more effective per level )
    Plague - Grants 10% base infection chance.
    Panther - Provides a massive boost to lunge regeneration.
    Cannibal - Kills grant 100 health.
    Rupture - After a short duration when killed, you will explode dealing damage to nearby survivors.
    Death Knight - Provides an aura to all nearby zombies that reduces the damage from survivors by 20% ( does not stack with itself, does not work on the knight himself, stacks with Brute )

    I have several more planned to add to mod, however, i would like everyone to come up with some of thier own ideas for perks. Therefore any suggestions you have, please make one here :…/14/?issueType=suggestion

    I think that is a good point, we all have/had that one common ground of zps, but outside of that, we play very different games as a whole. I have tried several times, and i know I've stated this several times in other posts in the past, but we just don't have the dedicated player base to move into games like Garrys mod, public CS GO servers etc etc, we've tried enough times to know. Games like Warframe as an example is a good shout. Those type of games only need a few people to get started is always a good place to start, as it can only grow over time.

    But again, Anyone that would like to get a game rolling that requires a server for it, just ask. Like pret does for Minecraft, it does not take long to setup servers and will always be happy to host them. We have a very powerful dedicated server waiting for new servers to host.

    I myself generally play league. So if anyone is up for a game of league, just spam me ;&gt; I will also probably be playing the new CoD or preferable the new Battlefield game when it comes out too ( mainly BR ofc ). I think getting together in these type of games that do not need the numbers to succeed is the best course to take.