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    It's been awhile since the last post. Here a quick rundown of changes that have been made.

    As everyone already knows we re-added back the leaderboards page for the Fungrades 2022 Script.

    Bugtracker has been re-added.

    Some backend updates for administrating game server bans were added.

    It has been a few days now with the new forum and we did some more changes to it.

    Here is a small change log.

    - Updated Forum to 5.5.5

    - Added Leaderboards for Fungrades 2022

    - Deprecated BanMe System.

    - Server Bans are now handled through this Framework. List can be ordered by Ban ID, Ban Date and Unban Date.

    - SSL. Website now has SSL which means it will now always be https:// instead of http:// notice the missing s in http://

    - Unix Timestamp BB Code. You can post a specific time using the unix timestamp and will be automatically converted to a "human readiable time format" Example: [unixtime]1674479267[/unixtime] which will be converted to Monday, 23. January 2023, 13:07:47

    As you might have noticed the Forum got updated to a newer version which allows us to provide a better forum experience. To make the life easier for us we require you to link your discord and your steam profile with the website. Steam Profile shows recent play time in zombie panic source, any zps achievements you might have unlocked and if any game bans.
    Discord linking is to sync your discord group with the forum group.

    With the update to the latest Forum Version we changed how application threads are handled. If you create an application and submit it only you (the creator) and »SoD« Members will be able to view your application. Others cannot see your application.

    Mobile support should also be better as well. Overall Browser support should be improved too.

    Things planned for the future (no time frame set to any of these):

    - Separate Page for viewing the leaderboards
    - Return of the Bugtracker

    - VIP being handled through paid subscriptions

    The issue Lion mentioned could also potentionally happen on zpo_zomboeing. I would suggest to not buy songs on those maps. Could try to look into a workaround or something but can't say for sure.


    just wanted to give a small heads up that the way infection works has changed. Previously it was simply attackers infection level - victims infection level. Which made it sort of useless due to alot of players having high level in infection.

    So the new formular is: 1.25 * attackers infection level + (if the attacker is a carrier) 5 - victims infection level. So the Carrier gains a 5% bonus.

    Small example assuming im the carrier: 1.25 * 20 + 5 - 15. Where 20 is my Infection level and 15 is the victims infection level.

    Also to compensate the increased infection chances Pills now have a chance of 30% to cure infections.

    Ofcourse not, armour will absorb most of the damage which is regenerated just like health but its limited to the players armour regen or hp regen level (zombies have unlimited hp regen)

    This actually affects both sides. So the damage is higher for both sides. But as with pushback its influenced by the victims damage upgrade.

    Actually there is really a bug with damage. Instead of increasing it % it just added a small flat value thats randomized (the randomization is intended).
    This however significantly increases the damage taken for both sides. Will do some more tests and adjust the point gain due to that.