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    I honestly would want the upgrades to be less impactful. or have a curve where early upgrades give more of an edge than like lvl 30. in that way newcomers can get into it easily but people who play 4 hours a day wont roflstomp purely because they have more points.

    Or balance the zombie/player count also based on the levels. so make sure that the average level is same on survivor and zombie side. because now if like 3 high level players join zombies at the start. the game has basically ended. especially on objective maps

    Zombie teams should actually already choose higher ranked player(s) together with lower ranked so it doesn't end up pros vs noobs and from what I have seen it does work out pretty much (zombies win most of the time too). Regarding upgrades, higher ranked players already get cut a lot of their power by prestiging. Mike for example has passed 200 million points and still isn't able to max all upgrades. Keep in mind that this mod is over a year old so it's hard to find balance between helping newbies and making your playtime for existing playerbase meaningful. You don't wanna grind millions to tens of millions points without it paying off somehow. Good thing more perks are implanted over time with unique upgrades unrelated gimmicks.

    We'll see how long this mod will hold until the lifespan hits the end. There are still gonna be updates coming in for perks and more. Second server with the same mod could be handy at happy hours so people don't have to line up to join (but won't happen looks like). Second server with different mod would probably split the player base to the new mod so they can become the new Mike there. The most likely outcome will be a new mod once the current one has dried out but the player base still wants to play a new mod (that is if Joux & Xerox are still up for more).

    I think a new mod would be good or a big improvement on fungrades.

    However whatever happens. .It should NOT be possible that someone is so ridiculously fast that a survivor is outrunning all zombies. its unbalanced, takes the fun out of the game and ruins the core mechanics of zps

    All other upgrades are kind of possible to be played around even though at max level they still feel unfair on the wrong map.

    What would your wishes be for a new mod? So we don't end up in the same talk in a year. Keep in mind that the people who are capable of outrunning zombies or other unbalanced things have spend over a year playing almost daily for multiple hours. Obviously this will result in a power creep eventually. Not saying that it's fair, that's just what comes with a progressive system.

    Currently once all the good maps are played everyone leaves as they are all on cool down and the change to the daily system to per round means there is no incentive for regulars to stick through it anymore, there is also the recent chilling effect on speech that seems to have reduced the amount of players as edgy chat would make even the most boring maps somewhat enjoyable. For new players they could spawn with a main weapon (rifle/mossberg) until they prestige. Also a lot of maps could be made playable by giving survivors decent starting load outs, like on harvest, where otherwise they all die within first few minutes.

    We might have to sort out some unplayed maps and reduce the cooldown accordingly. Starting weapons for newbies could be really helpful and would probably have a more direct impact than long term newbie bonus points.

    At the same time people complain about high ranked players steamrolling newbies. There's a reason why prestiging is a think but I get that the perks could be underwhelming after all the effort. Me and Joux talked about it, there would be more interesting perks, but because of balance reasons he can't go overboard. In good hands they could ruin the game for everyone else.

    1000x I agree with this. I got sick of playing the same 10 maps over and over, so I've been taking a fat break and only hopping on once in a while. I would love to play some of the classic ZPS maps. Maybe do a map cooldown that's long enough to make the community play other maps or offer double points on different maps like Westwood said. With the upgrade system, I do agree that for new players it is hell. I've wanted to bring some friends on the server, but I feel like they would get rolled and not want to come back. My suggestion for this would be to increase the amount of starting points they get when joining the server. It would definitely keep people around if they felt like they had a chance to play with the big guys and gals.

    There's already a newbie bonus in play. It really does suck that once a mod has passed a certain lifetime there's a tough entry for newbies. How would you handle the balance in benefit of new players without losing the progress and effort that regulars and high ranked players have put in?

    It would be nice if we did resets for the upgrades once every x months. I tried to introduce some new people to the server but usually the people with 99999999999 points roflstomp ( like having so much speed that you literally can't catch up) and it kind of ruins the gameplay

    I think a reset would kill our existing player base. Best we can do is reduce the power creep gap between starters and high ranks, but at the same time provide a sense of progress. The only true solution I can think of spontaneously would be implementing a new mod with classes or upgrades without any progress similar to Moonwalkers perks. This way only skill would matter and any newbie could jump in any time.

    I'm really tired of people playing the same 10 maps. It would be nice to provide motivation to play on maps, that have not been played for a long time, for example double points on these maps. Or do some events, like marathons.

    Another thing, I will say, that for now the system with upgrades is very unfair to beginners (new players).

    That's actually an interesting idea, mark maps on nominations and vote that will give a boost in points or similar or an event triggered.

    Balance issues have always been a thing and late game wise always ended with the player shrinking or asking for a new mod. This Fungrades mod already provides a newbie boost and prestiging reduces the gap for starters and casuals to high ranks or skilled players (but like said will never fully solve the issues that come with progress, people spend weeks and months of playtime afterall).

    I would like to ask everyone here to post their thoughts on our Fungrades Server. What you like or dislike, upgrades, various gameplay features, maps, bots, player base, doesn't matter what it's related to. You can just share your opinion or point out problems or even solutions to problems.