Fungrades 2024 - 1.5.0 Patch Notes - 17/05/2024

  • Fungrades 2024 - 1.5.0 - The Panic Pass

    - Changes -

    Presets - Preset swapping has been reduced to 2 mins from 3.

    Achievements - New achievements have been added.

    Prestige - You no longer lose current Experience after a prestige.

    Math Questions - Math questions will be seen more frequently.

    Players on the new Math Pass Challenge will see questions 1 second sooner.

    Jouxbox - !pass has been changed to !skip.

    - Fixes -
    Level 4 ammo consumption.

    Lobby players sometimes spawning in as a survivor/zombie.

    Re-joining abuse

    !preset - Will now load on first command use.

    - Perks -


    Haemorrhage - Base Damage 0% -> 5%. (e.g. 1 Stack = 2.5% -> 7.5% / 2 Stacks = 5% -> 10%)

    Pyro - Minimum Burn Time 1s -> 2s. Pyro now spreads to nearby zombies in a small range around your target.

    Trapper - Trapper no longer provides additional barricade ammo regen.

    Dr Boom - Range increased by 20%

    Electric Cherry - Range increased by 20%

    *NEW Lightning Fist - Fists have the chance of electrifying your target and nearby zombies.

    Stunning and dealing additional Ranged Damage ( Activating any other ranged perks )

    Damage = Double Upgrade Level

    Example: Level 20 damage will deal 40 raw additional damage to your target and nearby zombies.


    Bloodhound - Base Damage 0% -> 5%. (e.g. 1 Stack = 2.5% -> 7.5% / 2 Stacks = 5% -> 10%)

    Enrage - Enrage now activates when taking damage. Whitey can still activate this manually when Roaring.

    Blaze - Increased damage by 25%

    Vampire - Base life restoration increased to 0% -> 10%

    *NEW Smoke - Creates a smoke bomb on death reducing vision, Damage and Movement Speed.

    - Yin Yang's -


    *NEW Bludgeon - Increases Melee Bleed Chance and the expense of Ranged Bleed Chance


    *NEW Shell - Increases Toughness when taking damage from Behind at the expense of reducing Toughness from the Front.

    The Soldiers of Demise Panic Pass - Season 1 has arrived!

    Much like a classic battle pass, completing pass challenges will provide brand new and unique in-game rewards.

    How it works

    Once Activated ( !pass ), you will have the chance to complete 2 Challenges per day.

    Completing a challenge will reward you with a Level Based Reward ( See Table Below ).

    For every 10 levels obtained, you will also gain new Unique Permanent Rewards.

    Completing the pass within 45 days will also unlock the Panic Pass Skin ( VIP Only ).

    If you did not complete a challenge on the previous day, they are reset and randomized everyday automatically.

    There are a total of 10 different Challenges which will be randomly assigned each time you complete one.

    For those of you who love to speed run challenges, a Pass Plus option has been added that will allow you to complete an additional challenge each day.

    *Anti-EA Games: All levels and unique rewards can be obtained without spending any in-game currency. As stated above, the pass plus option has been initially added for speed running purposes.


    There are no costs to activate the Panic Pass.

    Once activated you will have 45 days to obtain the unique skin, all other rewards have no time limit.

    Once you reach level 10, the rewards will reset back to level 1 ( e.g. Level 11 = level 1 )

    *There are total of 11 Unique Permanent Rewards, Level 100 provides 2. Level 10 Rewards will be kept hidden until discovered in-game!

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
    Experience * Random Item Experience * Tokens * Panic Pass Coins
    Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
    Premium Points * Experience * VIP Days Experience * Unique Permanent Reward

    * The Pass Plus Option also provides 10% Additional Rewards to Experience, Tokens and Premium Points per level.

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