[16.12.2022] Small Forum Update

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    As you might have noticed the Forum got updated to a newer version which allows us to provide a better forum experience. To make the life easier for us we require you to link your discord and your steam profile with the website. Steam Profile shows recent play time in zombie panic source, any zps achievements you might have unlocked and if any game bans.
    Discord linking is to sync your discord group with the forum group.

    With the update to the latest Forum Version we changed how application threads are handled. If you create an application and submit it only you (the creator) and »SoD« Members will be able to view your application. Others cannot see your application.

    Mobile support should also be better as well. Overall Browser support should be improved too.

    Things planned for the future (no time frame set to any of these):

    - Separate Page for viewing the leaderboards
    - Return of the Bugtracker

    - VIP being handled through paid subscriptions

  • XeroX

    Changed the title of the thread from “Small Forum Update” to “[16.12.2022] Small Forum Update”.
  • It's been awhile since the last post. Here a quick rundown of changes that have been made.

    As everyone already knows we re-added back the leaderboards page for the Fungrades 2022 Script.

    Bugtracker has been re-added.

    Some backend updates for administrating game server bans were added.

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