[27.04.18] ZPS Upgrade Infection Change

  • Hi,

    just wanted to give a small heads up that the way infection works has changed. Previously it was simply attackers infection level - victims infection level. Which made it sort of useless due to alot of players having high level in infection.

    So the new formular is: 1.25 * attackers infection level + (if the attacker is a carrier) 5 - victims infection level. So the Carrier gains a 5% bonus.

    Small example assuming im the carrier: 1.25 * 20 + 5 - 15. Where 20 is my Infection level and 15 is the victims infection level.

    Also to compensate the increased infection chances Pills now have a chance of 30% to cure infections.

  • Hey guys i noticed something since the infection change is out. When you are infected everyone can shoot you before you saw that you have to search for pills. When you saw that you are infected you have something like 5 seconds to find pills otherwise you turn into a zombie. And when you was so lucky that no one shoot you before, and you find pills under 5 seconds, you cant take it because hp regen doesnt allow it :P
    So if someone is infected its pretty sure that he will join the zombie team soon.

    If you are the last human....try to do the objectives and become a legend :thumbup:

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