Fungrades 2024

>> Fungrades 2024 <<

Fungrades 2024 is the new and improved 'upgrade' to the current Fungrades Mod. Fungrades 2024 has been built with the idea to provide longevity and a higher sense of progression and balance.

Upgrade Progression

To begin with, the point system has been fully replaced with an EXP System. An EXP system has many benefits over the current point system, the best example is no longer needing to equally upgrade each upgrade to maximise your points for stat efficiency. With an experience system, each player level you obtain grants a single upgrade point which can be spent in any upgrade, regardless of its current upgraded level. If you are level 25, you can upgrade damage to 25. Or you could upgrade Damage to 15, speed to 5, Health to 5.


Our classic upgrades have remained in place, however, we have made one big change by splitting the upgrades per team. You will now be able to customise your upgrades around your own Survivor and Zombie playstyle. Upgrades are initially maxed at level 25 but can be increased with Prestige Features and also 'buffed' per level. Upgrade strength per level has been slightly changed for some upgrades.

Prestige System

Due to the success of the prestige system implemented into Fungrades, the new version has now been heavily built around one for its core mechanic. The Prestige system is built similar to other games that use experience & levels ( E.G Call of Duty , World of Warcraft ) early levels will be slightly easier to obtain, whereas later ones will take a little longer. However, once you do reach the level 100 goal, you will have the option to Prestige.

Although you will lose your levels and base upgrades, you will unlock additional permanent upgrades, Yin Yang's and Perks which can be used at any level.

Prestige Features work slightly different to normal upgrades, each new level will cost an additional point to increase its power.

Your first Prestige will unlock several additional features;

> Prestige Upgrades <

Additional Upgrades have been added ( again, for each team ) The upgrades will offer further player upgrades, upgrade specialisation and the option to unlock YinYang's & Perks. Upgrading Yin Yangs & Perks specifically will allow you to use multiple YY's & Perks simultaneously.

> Prestige Yin Yangs <

YinYangs have been fully reworked. They have been converted into stat trade-offs which allow you to gain a specific stats and the expense of another. Yin Yang's no longer provide Ability/Perks, but can be upgraded to become stronger instead. With the new prestige system, multiple Yin Yangs can also be used depending on your Prestige Upgrade selections. There are a total of 14 Yin Yang's ( 7 per Team. )

> Prestige Perks/Abilities <

Split from some of the existing YinYang's in the current Fungrades System, Perks can now be unlocked and used. Perks(Previously YY's) no longer come with any negative impact and can be individually upgraded to become strong, and like YinYang's, multiple Perks can be used at the same time. There are a total of 26 Perks, ( 13 Per Team ).

Prestige Upgrade/Yin Yang/Perk Points.

Your first prestige will provide 5 Prestige Upgrade Points, 3 Perk Points & 3 Yin Yang Points. All Prestige Upgrades, YY's & Perks cost an additional upgrade point per level ( level == cost )

Once you prestige, experience required per level will be increased, however, for each 25 levels obtained after your first prestige will provide an additional Prestige Upgrade Point. Once you hit level 100 again, you will once again have the option to Prestige which will grant and Additional Prestige Upgrade Point, 3 Perk Points & 3 Yin Yang Points. There is no longer any point reduction mechanisms in place, and you will never be forced to prestige.

Base Zombie Stats

With Fungrades 2024, some key base zombie stats have been slightly modified to keep the upgrade system balanced ( Specifically targeting damage ).

Zombie Base Health : 250 / Carrier Base Health : 275

Zombie Base Damage : 25 / Carrier Base Damage : 25+10%

Zombie Base Infection : 0% / Carrier Base Infection : 10% (Default ZPS Rate)

Zombie Base Bleed Chance : 0% / Carrier Base Bleed Chance : 10%

Compared to Fungrades 2022, which increases Carrier Damage ( +5 ) & Infection ( +5% ), the Carrier now receives a higher increase in Health, Bleed and Infection. ( They are called the Carrier after all )