Fungrades 2023 Achievement List

  • Hello, Friends. This forum has been created to catalog the Achievements and how to get them to make it easier for others to get the hidden and obscure achievements.

    I have a dream of a life more Ideal..

  • 0: Keyboard Warrior: Kill 5 players with a keyboard.

    1: Crowd Pleaser: Win a game with more then 20 players.

    2: Solo Survivor: Win a game Solo.

    3: Impactful: Deal 5000 damage in a single round.

    4: It only takes 1: Win a game.

    5: Team Player: Win a game with 10 or more survivors.

    6:Objection!: Win 50 games on objective maps.

    8:Deathrunner: Win 10 games on deathrun maps.

    9: Alive: Win 10 rounds as a Survivor.

    10:Still Alive: Win 200 rounds as a Survivor.

    11:Cake is a Lie: Win 500 rounds as a Survivor.

    12:Dead: Win 10 rounds as a Zombie.

    13:Undead:Win 50 rounds as a Zombie.

    14:Bloodthirster:Win 100 games as a Zombie.

    15: Survivor: Get 20 kills as a Survivor.

    16:Killer: Get 200 kills as a Survivor.

    17:Soldier: Get 2000 kills as a Survivor.

    18:General: Get 20,000 kills as a Survivor.

    19: Outbreak: Get 10 kills as a Zombie.

    20: Lockdown: get 50 kills as a Zombie.

    21: Pandemic:Get 200 kills as a Zombie.

    22:Doomsday: Get 1000 kills as a zombie.

    23:healer: Cure 10 Survivors from Infection.

    24:Doctor Cure 25 Survivors.

    25:Surgeon: Cure 100 survivors.

    26: Field Medic: Cure 3 Survivors in 1 round.

    27:Fire Ant: Infect 10 Survivors.

    28:Scorpion: Infect 50 Survivors.

    29: Black Widow: Infect 200 Survivors.

    30: Cover your mouth: Infect 3 Survivors in 1 round.

    31: Sledgehammer King: Kill 25 zombies with the sledgehammer.

    32:Weapon of choice: Kill 25 Zombies with the PPK.

    33: Up close and personal: Kill 100 zombies with melee weapons.

    34:The Student: Complete 50 daily challenges.

    35:The Teacher: Complete 250 dailies.

    36: Pls nerf bots: Die to a Bot 20 times.

    37: Prestigious: Prestige at least once!

    38:Powerful: Max out any Upgrade.

    39: Overpowered: Max out 2 Upgrades.

    40:Farmer Joe: Earn more than 20k Points in a single round.

    41: Purple Heart: Die more then 20 times in a single round.

    42: David and Goliath Kill 20 Top Players as Zombie.

    43: Fearless: Kill 100 Prestiged Players.

    44: Ace of Spades: Win a !gamble with 6 or more participants.

    45:Too many dice: !Rtd 100 times.

    46:Snorlax: Catch Snorlax!

    47: Sharing is caring: Share 10,000 points with new players.

    48: Its only money: Share 50,000 points with new players.

    49: Double the fun: Buy a Double Points Round with !boost

    50: Kill Joux: Kill that Dirty Bandanna Man in his own Community. :>

    51:King Slayer: Kill a top 3 player 10 times.

    52: Irobot: kill 500 Bots.

    53:Pentatastic: Get a Penta Kill. (5 kills in under 5 seconds)

    54: Gamble Addict: Gamble 20 times.

    55:I need a Printer: Kill Xerox (Good luck- He's never on.)

    56: Communications Device: Stop the transmission of the infected Phone 10 times. (Kill Telephone 10 times as Zombie?)

    57:Sacrificial Lamb: Sacrifice Yourself to the RedQueen Room.

    58: The Boxer: Kill a Zombie 20 times with your Fists.


    60: The Traitor: Turn from infected and kill another Survivor.

    61: La Boulangerie: Kill 5 Zombies with a Baguette.

    62: High Roller: Win over 150,000 from a !gamble

    63:Diamonds are Forever: Collect 50 Diamonds on the Sod HC Minecraft map

    64:The Villager: Collect 50 Emeralds on the SoD HC Minecraft map.

    65: Into the Neither: Enter the Neither in the Fungrades Minecraft map.

    66:Not on my watch!: Win as a Medic 20 times.

    67:The Hero We Need: Win as a medic with an Outstanding performance rating 5 times.

    I have a dream of a life more Ideal..

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