Giveaway Game Part 1 "Regroup Team "

  • Hi Guys

    a new Game is started and everyone can join. This Game have 3 Parts (in steam or Discord we can talk About ideas and everyone is welcome to organise this) If you Like this Game, other PArts will created.
    You can win every Month ViP or other Stuff like Games etc.
    You have tu sucess some Objektives you find here, in this thread so stay tunend. With every Objektive you solved you get Points and in the End of every Part the 1st 2nd and 3rd Survivor with the most Points win.
    Part 1 Ends in November the 1st.

    Season 1 Part 1: Regroup Team!!

    We are in a dark Grey World and we are alone. Some Survivors called the Soldiers of Demise survived the Apocalypse and have now to regroup themself to fill the Town called "the dead Server" with new Humans… We will grow to a powerful State and take over this Planet to Rescue the lone damned souls out there.

    Here is the Objective: All Survivors go and find other People who survived the Apokalypse. For every Human you bring to our Forum you get 2 Points. The People you save can Play this game too (and earn 1 Point for Join us). Type a short message in this thread if a Survivor you saved joined our Army.
    Soldiers, we found a Base near our Town we have to infiltrated. It is a Underground Base called Area41. Inside this Base we can find Information About The Z-Virus. But we Need more Soldiers to breake in the Base. So lets Regroup us. Our Scouts spected a Massive Group of Zombs who arrive us in 7 Days. So we have to rush the area41 on October the 12th at 8pm Server Time.
    Is there anybody out there who get this message??? i hope you will help to stop the plague.
    My Signal is weak i search for new battarys and send a new message as soon as i can.

    Mr. 9 out

    If you type Google into Google, you cant break the internet :|

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