"Thanks to that buddy..."

  • In almost every case there is a guy... or maybe a girl, thanks to whom we joined this community as a member.

    Maybe that person just "pushed" you a little bit on your way to SoD / S-ZPS,
    or perhaps you have joined us because of that cool man? :d
    Share that with your mates here! ;)

    *I've put this thread to a general section since there are some guys who aren't officially SoD members anymore but still nearby, and we still like them!

  • So in my case, that guy is @Mr.Green ))
    He was asking me about applying almost whenever I was playing on sod servers, jees xD
    One day I just gave up and made a member application :d
    I'm thankful to Green for the opportunity to meet so many nice people!
    Sadly Mr. Green currently "beyond" our community and I haven't seen him for a few years already...
    But I hope he is fine and we will meet him once again!

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