Eu3 Rpg builds

  • Why Hello there dear friend! Whats that I hear you say? You don't like how 'op' everyone is and you want to be better? Well look no further!

    In this forum, I will be coming up with and telling you all the garbage builds and what they are best used for. Aren't you a lucky bleeder?

    The "Fast" build: This is the most basic build, It requires level 25. You put 5 points into every assassin skill. This will unlock a perk called "Faster". You will get faster with every death, this is good for dying and getting xp.

    The "I Like to be hurt" build: This build is based around taking as much damage as possible, and is great to waste ammo. This simply requires you to invest in health and the 'dead skin' damage resistance. You can fill out the skill tree with 5 points.
    This will give you the "Better" skill which gives you a 2% damage resistance per death up to 10 deaths. All together you can get over 40% resistance. That is a good 3 magnum headshots to kill a zombie with these skills.

    The "Joux" Build: He uses life leach to steal your health just like he steals your money. the end. :>

    AIDS!: Mix Strike armor removal with infection 10, then watch people slowly kill eachother in a bloodbath of betrayal. upgrade whitey for bonous props.

    Human upgrades will not be listed until further notice due to being too op. Enjoy. Thanks to Sasuke I will now reveal the secrets to you!

    As a survivor, the defacto Stat to level is Weapon Enchant Damage. This is however, By far, not the best upgrade and shouldn't be upgraded first. Yes it is true that more damage = deader zombies. But! It will not keep you alive.
    What you need first and foremost is our first build!

    Power: This is both the most useful, and the most simple. Put 5 levels into every stat in tailor. This gives you the ability to regen 5 hp per kill! Now, This may not sound like alot. But it will keep you alive alot longer.
    It may even save you. Whats more, This skill tree has Leather Armor; that means less infection chance, even if it is countered by sharp claws.

    Starting weapon build: Okay. So maybe you dont like having your gun stolen. Thats okay, I dont either. For a mear 15 levels, you too can own a super shorty! (Although its useless and you should use 16 instead for a 870 shotty)
    This allows you to spawn with a decent weapon every time! But the drawback is this leaves alot of points that you could put into ammo regen or damage. For maxing the weapon tree out you get a 5% headshot bonous.
    That is good for people like Loki who (Whore and aimbot Kappa) Are really good with headshots.

    Now we move on to the third most important skill Ammo Regen: Now, this one is tricky. Ammo regen has always been a staple of SoD and its rpg mode. But this one requires...diligence.
    The best way to use ammo regen is to use the first skill of the same name. It is a chance to regen ammo, but it is based off damage. You can damage anything. Like a Door. and get ammo back.
    Now, this is useful. But it wont carry you through life like armor or damage will. So be careful. You can opt in for ammo craftsman, but thats only useful at max level because of how slow it is.
    You can also opt in for Freeze rounds and pushback. This will cripple fast zombies and make headshots incredibly easy. There are fire rounds as well... (Explosive ammo) but they are a slow dps akin to depecut.
    Recommend them last any build.

    The Anti Zabi Build: survivor 15 10 0 0 0 specialist 5 5 10 10 0 :>

    I'm not going to tell you to use speed unless you want vanity. Its useless compared to the other stats and while it can help you; zombies will almost always be faster.

    Okay Folks! After a few weeks, We are back! because nothing stays op forever! and that means I need to make some new builds for you scrubs! heres 2 that will help you survive the ends of the earth!

    Bizercos survival build: tailor 5 5 5 5 5 (this gives power: 3 hp per kill, and defence options like damage return) survivor 15 0 0 5 5 (for max damage and a shotgun) and then dump the rest of your points into ammo craftsman. (5 5-10 0 0 0 in the specialist tree)

    Bizercos Glass Cannon build: Tailor 5 0 0 5 5 (need the infection resistance and leather armor only works if you have armor.) Ammo specialist: 5 2-5 0 0 0 Surviver 15 5 10 5 5 (this puts adrenalin to 40% adding 70% to damage when hit. This causes your shotgun to do 300-400 damage a shot.)

    Have fun out there kiddo's.

    I have a dream of a life more Ideal..

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