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    That's actually an interesting idea, mark maps on nominations and vote that will give a boost in points or similar or an event triggered.

    Balance issues have always been a thing and late game wise always ended with the player shrinking or asking for a new mod. This Fungrades mod already provides a newbie boost and prestiging reduces the gap for starters and casuals to high ranks or skilled players (but like said will never fully solve the issues that come with progress, people spend weeks and months of playtime afterall).

    The current perks system makes the game much more interesting, you can take more risks when playing as a human. The idea of giving newbies weapons when round starts is very good, but it won't really work on survival maps, where you already spawn in the house with lots of guns.

    I'm really tired of people playing the same 10 maps. It would be nice to provide motivation to play on maps, that have not been played for a long time, for example double points on these maps. Or do some events, like marathons.

    Another thing, I will say, that for now the system with upgrades is very unfair to beginners (new players).