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    Thx guys, for making me an honourable member, I appreciate it :)

    I probably won't become (very) active again, which would be a bit too forced, seeing that I got the Honourable Member status in July already and am only replying now.
    But I really appreciate the time I spent on the servers, playing ZPS or Rust and being an active member of S-ZPS and then >>SoD<< ^^ and it is nice to see that some people are still active in the forums/community.

    I hope that everyone is doing fine and thanks again.

    A Blue Banana

    Nice! I love the metroid series, should probably start playing that AM2R game I downloaded a while ago, damn it would be nice to see another actual Metroid game starring Samus from Nintendo.
    If I'm not buying the Switch because of Zelda I would definitely buy it if they would release another Metroid title :D

    So who do you think will win worlds?

    I am really not sure about who to even pick into the semifinals and the final.
    But I think that H2K and SSG will battle in semis and SKT1 and ROX, I also think SSG will defeat H2K, but I don't know which team out of ROX and SKT will defeat the other.
    My Knock-Out-Phase picks :…s/3/user/1295866/my-picks

    And honestly it would be nice if someone else than SKT and SSG would be in the finals, just because I am not a fan of having multiple skin-series for one team, but it would also be kind of cool to see SKT win a third time ^^

    Yeah I think that you should try to be good at one lane first if you want to take ranked serious and get a high rank.
    I don't play ranked that much, especially now that I have Overwatch relatively new ;P but I am also only playing mid, when I play ranked (or atleast try to), my personal reason is that I don't feel confident enough on other lanes and don't have a big enough campion pool for these lanes to feel different.

    Means that I think that you should have aatleast one lane that you are really comfortable with and where you have a big enough variety of champs to choose from, if you are being countered.

    So I definitely think you should play more than only 1 champ, cause if that champ gets countered you are useless and it is stupid to think that you are good enough to dominate all the time, just because you are Riven main for example ^^

    But as always, in the end you decide how you want to play a game (not only league) and as long as you don't break some fixed rules (and are okay if you are being flamed when breaking non-fixed rules ;P) everything is allowed.

    PS: Don't know if I missed the point of the discussion, am a bit tried already ;)

    Ahh it is often such a struggle when you want to trust your intutition, but then you see your whole team running into misery and because you don't want to be flamed, etc. you run into the trap with them.
    But sometimes even when you trust your intuition and your whole team still does a massive harakiri, it is normally gameover cause they won't change their minds in one game.

    Another tip probably is to play one or two champs who you are save with and are confident to perform well, even if counterpicked.
    This tip is probably a bit lame tbh, but it is definitely worth to think about, atleast if you want to raise your elo.

    But in the end you got to know why you are playing ranked and what you want, or don't want to achieve by doing so. :)

    Yeah GMod would be a good expansion for the SoD's.
    You have a lot of freedom there (scripts, customizing, gamemodes, skins, etc.).
    Added to that like others already said, alot of members already have GMod + there are, considering that GMod isn't the newest game, still alot of players playing it on a regular basis,
    which means, that our community could possibly attract quite some people.
    For gamemodes, you could make a unique 1 exclusively for the SoD servers/ community.
    But I think it would be enough to make a server for a popular gamemode (PropHunt, TTT, Dark-RP) for the beginning atleast.
    After that you can still make a custom gamemode/ custom server, so that the server contrasts the mass of vanilla-servers.

    I personally think that you wouldn't need to make a Zombie based server, but this depends on the managers/ communities decision. ;P