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    I just started my studies in university of applied sciences, no time, but everything new is worth a try!

    In my point of view, problem isn't people moving on and game getting old. I have noticed a lot of trouble on servers and community behavior.
    SoD servers doesn't attract people anymore, it's also caused by how our members talk/treat the newbies. I tried to talk to people and tell what's wrong, but no one can see it the way those people do who are new.
    I think, by adding a game it will still be the same. Like illness, u can't cure it fully without taking care of the thing causing it. U can see the symptom, u can cover it/treat it, but u have to find the reason to get rid of the actual burden.



    if they want to but, we could handle it, that the App. itself has to stay open for i dunno 3 weeks before a final decision will be made, so people have enough time to tell there first impression and there final ones.

    Well then there may be super many apps at the same time which will make it more difficult i think :s Like u have to follow 10 guys and u have different time limits like decide with person x in 3 days with person y in 2 weeks and such. For me it would be super messy :/

    When I started to play and understand about the system and community [S-ZPS] Härski told me to play for 2weeks straight so I know do i want to apply for this or na :p I support the 1 month!

    It does seem complicated when reading it, due to the amount of content in the new mod, and was my initial fear when creating it. But i think that can be said for most games that have multiple skill trees and options. I have tried to make the in-game user interface as simple as possible to understand, so it 'should' come across a lot more understandable once playing, and not take long at all to fully understand how it all works. The upgrades are fully explained in what they do in-game, so you should not struggle to understand the system as much as you may initially think.

    (I hope the quote works???)

    I think u r right, I believe in simple made by Jux !!! Easier for turds like me to understand and to explain (if necessary) for the new folks!

    This sounds indeed very complicated, yet the current system on eu3 is also complicated for me !!
    But after spending many long minutes I think this is a good idea and will work out good?
    Btw, Will we lose the current system when this one appears? Or is the super old system still somewhere?
    I am happy to have some old vibes back with sum update!
    I'll be waiting, nice work ^^

    AND my fav q, where is the jxbox?? >:c (I would have some suggestions for it ^^)


    err...... I didn't quite understand how this works xD
    can i have everything fast in a nutshell :D:D:D
    liiikeee what do i have to do that something happens xD
    Or is this even for me xD I mean, I found myself from the list!