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    Well LCS is something completely different than SoloQ; Amumu does great in soloQ but would be so useless in LCS. You can't compare the two. Not gonna get involved in the "main a champ" or "main a lane" discussion though because I don't have the game knowledge nor experience for that :) But let me just state my experiences from SoloQ: no one gives a shiet about teamcomposition and everyone just plays the champion he prefers, even after I mentioned we'd need some AP, some players (COUGH YASUO MAINS COUGH) will still go their AD champs [Yes I have a deep-rooted hatred towards yasuo mains :3 ]. Can't really influence that when I'm playing ADC or support...

    1 thing i will say is when people tell you that all champions have lanes they should go in... thats bullshit in terms of strategy following a rule like that means your enemies know everymove you are going to make an a smart team would use that to there advanctage and not use that rule to fuck you over xD its why when i used to play with my team we would all start off hiding in the jungle untill we knew what lanes the enemy team had sent people too once we did wed just scatter to hit the lanes we would do the best in sometimes thatd mean wed only have 1 guy up top and bottom with 2 at mid and 1 jungler but being smart and adjusting strategies and going against the social norm of the game is what will make you better

    But when I want to go Teemo support, Teemo jungle or Teemo adc, I just get flamed because it's not "meta" ;( Kappa (looks at @Cody)

    Sadly I'm apparently the only one in silver who does that. Multiple times had a full AD comp and got rekt coz enemy team got like 2 or 3 tanks and stuff like that. Feelsbadman

    I found the secret to improving: Mordekaiser support. I got carried so hard that game 8| But it's true what you say tho. Problem is making plays in SoloQ is pretty tricky considering your team doesn't know what's up :c

    Don't you live like... in Germany? Hahaha that's insane man, in Belgium it's like 24° or sth (although I wouldn't know for sure, being inside 24/7 studying and stuff... ;>)

    Pew pew pew! Bomb has been defused Kappa 123

    Dang, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes Leki [I dislike guns and firearms and am pretty scared of em. Ya know, I once mashed a spear right through my own toe, so I can't imagine what would happen if I got a gun pushed in my hands ;>]

    Tl;dr Kappa

    Zassh 4 admin/Jouxreplacement!

    No, it's been ages since I've played zps, but everything you said was also a problem back then. The constant Church nominations, the farms and leaving low-lvl players to die or even bait them

    Especially the point whoring was sth I have been annoyed by for so long now. But then again, that's just my philosophy to not play a game to be the very best (DAM DAM DAM!!) but just to have fun and to mess around.
    Sometimes the opposite happens [this is from earlier when I still actively played zps], where I would solo redqueen and when I reactived the power I would be all alone to fight against a horde of zombies coz most people just ran for the bridge and left me (I cri, 1 liek = 1 prayer)

    This is indeed something we should talk about as a community and I feel like members should take up responsibility and provide fun for all, not just the selected few who are at the top of the leaderboards. If you don't want to do this and just want to play your style, which only gives you pleasure, then you should not be a member.

    The map thingy is an issue as well. Most people in the server only know 5 or 6 maps I'd say (I count the church maps as 1), meanwhile I tried to nominate Factory [or facility, whatever its name was, you had to look for 3 radios] but that map never gets chosen because people don't know it. And when it gets chosen, it takes 2 minutes to be voted away again coz people don't know what to do [and nobody explains it to them, coz they don't know the map themselves]

    Name a time and we'll do it. Whilst we're at it we can do a little role-play: i'll be Chris Brown and you can be Rihanna, coz I'll beat the shit outta ya ;)

    Some more for you ^ <3

    Ya sure, be proud to kick an open door in Kappa

    Date and time will be discussed in steamchat. As long as you are not one of those pussy players that stay in their goal 24/7 until the other guy makes a tiny mistake. I hate those feggits Keepo