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    gota get this thread back up and running again bitches

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    im on less coz i work more hours now and my guild in WoW is actually being active and have set up timed events everyweek
    but i am now active on the 7d2d server coz i know i can actually do stuff on that even when no1 else is online

    when zem got my bunker invaded i went ham on those zombies with the bowie knife and bone shivs xD and still the only thing that killed me that day were the mines and explosives of zem

    to be fair as a way of 'apologizing for the wipe' do the first 2 weeks or month as a increased point gain event for the server to get it back on its feet
    now this is gona sound incredibly nasty but i know a few people will agree with this but its still gona get me alot of hate. the people that are petty enough to leave after something like a reset were clearly not meant to be members in the first place as it just shows that they became members primarily for selfish reasons and have no loyalty to the communityand are clearly here only for themselves. people who play alot of MMO's and RPG games will get this because every time u create a new character ur basically doing the equivalent of a reset and starting an entire game from scratch and any mmo player knows that its part of the fun of gaming and it helps you come up with more creative builds for your classes (in this case your upgrades) and stuff like that

    actually i already bought that up before u joined the forums bizerco alot of the things people are now complaining about i pointed out months ago but got little to no support back then
    now in terms of HP regen me and capt alpha were testing this yesterday. he had 3 relatively low tier players unloading on him with AK, mp5 and a pistol (couldnt tell which).... it wasnt till a 4th person joined in that he eventually went down his health was coming back faster than they were doing damage and i was standing right behind him the entire time using him as a meat sheild. now i see where lion is coming from as a former member of the top 10 club i can apreciate his position in all this.... but no1 stay at the top forever and like any sports league or gaming league or game in general things get reset or changed for the sake of the newer generations of players. which i will admit arnt coming in as much as they used to but to be fair with so many OP players (myself included hence why i switched myself from gun damage to mellee damage to try to add a little balance to the game despite people constantly sending me nasty messages about sucking and being a noob coz my kill count has dropped significantly because of said change but at least im trying to be fair to the newer and lower tier players. most of the member and admins wouldnt even consider that.) you cant blame people for up an rage quiting away from our server and onto one of the others i know a few ex members and admins as well as non members who moved to other servers just for a fairer time coz they got tired of being constantly over powered no matter how they played the game
    ive said it before and ill say it again i beleive that eventually were we are gona need to do a point reset and lose a bunch of our less loyal community member who are here for self gain over being part of a community

    (if u dont want this here please move this to where u think it would be more aproriate head admins/managers/server owner.... just please tell me if u do coz i may wana edit this up a bit coz i know my typing can be a bit hard to read at times)

    its all well and good u saying that population has been declining since all the fixes were done but the population of the entire game not just our server has been declining gradually for years its the same with any game. but now that new content for the game as a whole is coming out it should start bringing people back ive been watching the ZPS forums and after the last update there was a population rise... only a slight one, for the game
    now i try to get on at least 3 days a week. but i juggle 2 jobs and i run guilds in a few MMO's so i have to keep them in line and show up to do stuff with them so i balance my time accordingly hence why at least 3 days a week instead of everyday.... another issue is its the players who do play everyday who get bored and leave first or end up driving off the other players... most people dont play the same game everyday despite popular belief variety IS the spice of life and its better for u as a person.

    now i love and apreciate everything xerox and joux have done for the server since i started all those years ago (except that time xerox denied my first ever member request) and i have continued to show support and tried to help the server in the few ways i can not everyone can support it the way u want them to its unrealistic to expect everyone to. plus its a given that now people are gona be on less. its not just schools. but alot of jobs are now back to full throttle. colleges and unis have later leaving times than schools hell at uni i didnt get to leave till 8PM on some of the days coz thats just how timetables work plus with new games coming out some people will take temporary leaves to go play them then come back... some wont come back if they find a game they want to spend more time one its just a part of life theres not really much we can do other than brainwashing people to like us more which would be stupid.

    now i know it sounds like im saying were doomed to fail... but as long us people like me and some of the other regulars are around sammys/SoD servers will never die and there will always be people who hear about the game either while browsing steam or just stumbling across it online and will give it a try i mean hell some1 bought out an old shut down MMO and is rebuilding it themselves because they like the look of it and had never actually played it themselves coz it was before there time similar shit will happen with us and people will keep stumbling apon us or coming to us deliberately
    ... i will always support this community and will continue to play on the awesomeness that xerox and joux create.... and occasionally throw money at them as if they were dancing for my amusement xD

    i dont get offended so im ok with him
    ive heard how he talks a few times. sounds no different to how me and my freinds talk to eachother lots of fun swearing and banter i have no issue with people who talk like that xD

    will upload pics of my island base once its finished just started on it recently and getting use to the game but the main bulk of the primary structure is completed (designed to look like one of those old wild west churches and is gona have specialist huts round it for different purposes e.g. kitchen, dining area, crafting area and advanced resource production area. storage and armory are to be kept in the church in the bell tower)

    thats why playing with randoms sucks coz they say stupid things like that its why i left coz i never had a team that understood the finer points of strategy they just flame when things dont go the way there preconceptions demand they go. just do it anyway or find a permanent team to play with or school them via chat xD

    1 thing i will say is when people tell you that all champions have lanes they should go in... thats bullshit in terms of strategy following a rule like that means your enemies know everymove you are going to make an a smart team would use that to there advanctage and not use that rule to fuck you over xD its why when i used to play with my team we would all start off hiding in the jungle untill we knew what lanes the enemy team had sent people too once we did wed just scatter to hit the lanes we would do the best in sometimes thatd mean wed only have 1 guy up top and bottom with 2 at mid and 1 jungler but being smart and adjusting strategies and going against the social norm of the game is what will make you better

    dont pick champions based on what everyone else tells you. you need to find ones that fit your specific playstyle and make sure you play it a way u can play well regardless of how the randoms u get partnered with think
    its why when i used to play id mainly focus on kassadin, talon and zed with the occasion switch to katerina, trist, varus and a few others coz i could play them well but only when playing my way the online builds are only helping if u r new to the champion
    all in all just do what i do play for fun. lossing is part of the game... if it wasnt it wouldnt tell you when you lose xD your meant to fail its how u get better

    hello and welcome back i dont recognise your name but then again im terrible with names back then i was probably using the old GeneralHybrid name
    and i dont see any of my old names in that list joux posted ;( such sad then again i was a server 1 player and that list is probs from after my break from the server seeing as its laking a few people i know xD

    i think this is a perfect quote xD

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    wow im getting like 10 for just hitting a zombie attacking some1 im usually geting like 300 per save... might be because my gun damage is so low so im getting in more hits i dunno how the points are worked out