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    when zem got my bunker invaded i went ham on those zombies with the bowie knife and bone shivs xD and still the only thing that killed me that day were the mines and explosives of zem

    such sad you had to miss the fun of Zem going rampage cause he locked you up in your own basement first xD

    It was a lot of fun nonetheless. My "Trump" wall did work against the waves of invading Mexican zombies!

    Until Zem Helms-Deeped it that is

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    Zem as the Flame-bearer
    Laurens as Aragon
    Zacherino as Legolas
    Bacon as Theoden
    Zassho as The Man Next to Theoden
    Feng as Gimli
    Spidey as The Flying Man (at 0.33)
    Drakasin as The Old Scared Lady
    Zombies as The Uruk-Hai


    Even though my login to the dedi sadly expired, which means I couldn't refresh the server and it became a great laggparty, I would say the event was a great succes!

    A few stats:

    between 2.200 and 2.300 zombies have been killed.
    121 player-placed blocks have been destroyed by zombies.
    822 player-placed blocks have been destroyed by other players.
    41 playerkills have been made.
    Zombies accounted for 7 of those playerkills.
    309 player-placed blocks have been destroyed by explosions.

    Most zombies were killed by: Spike_22
    Most damage was dealth by: Spike_411
    Most special zombies were killed by: Laurens
    most bears were killed by: Zacherino
    Most players were killed by: Zem*
    Most playerdeaths: Zacherino*

    *many players died on mines. The console doesn't tell to who the mines belonged, so those deaths are counted as playerdeaths but not as playerkills.

    Most building materials were used by: Laurens
    Most wasted building materials: Laurens
    Most wood used: Laurens
    Most Iron used: Zacherino
    Most cobblestone used: Feng Mao
    Most SOD used: Zassho (Sexy Soul Hunter)
    most steel used: Feng Mao
    Highest building: Crispy Bacon (22 blocks from sea level)
    Lowest building: Zem (31 blocks below sea level)
    Most daring structure: Drakasin
    Smallest building: Spiderman
    most spikes placed by: Zacherino
    Most spikes upgraded: Crispy Bacon

    Duration of the event: 8 hours.

    Dear survivors,

    As most of you have probably seen, the new Alpha 15 is out.
    To celebrate this, I'd like to host a little event to say goodbye to A14 and go to A15 in a good mood.

    So, here's the deal.
    Tomorrow, in the afternoon, I'll host a build-and-survive event on the old A14.7 server, where those that come shall both together and against one another try to survive the buggy zombs and nubish survivors of the 14th Alpha.
    In the early evening, we'll go on a tour of rampage and destruction on a map that we'll probably never again play on.
    Then, in the evening, we'll together open the 15th alpha of the game on a brand new map, with the epicness of finding one another and crafting that first damn stoneaxe before night falls.

    During the A14 games, I'll give away 'prices' for A15 which could help people start up, or take them down in the case of a certain 999+_deaths player.

    I know this is a rather short notice, but that is because I know players would like to play on A15 as soon as possible, so I cannot just postpone the server-update 2 weeks without being lynched ;)

    I hope to see you tomorrow, and if not I'm sure to meet you on the new alpha!

    Post Scriptum:
    In order to set your game back to alpha 14.7 go to Steam Library -> rightklick 7 Days to Die -> Properties (lowest option) -> Bêta's -> Alpha 14.7 Stable

    Not sure when I'll start yet, probably between 15.00 and 16.00 CET (GMT+1)
    I'll be hosting till late in the evening, so you can always join later (though you might miss out on prizes & fun!)

    Meele damage? Not to be rude or anything, but i think it is unnecessary to increase it, due to the fact that if you are good with meele, you do not need extra damage.
    It is op enough as it is with or without upgrades. It pretty much just makes the ones with the highest upgrade level even more op and un-killable.

    since the HP-regen timeout has been nullified an increase in melee-damage is nessesary to not render it utterly useless. Sure, you might still decapitate a zombie with 1 sledgehit, but when hammering a zombie with a plank or racket when that zombie regenerates 40hp/sec you aren't gonna make it far.

    if we are derailing anyways:

    We are very well aware that the system itself is not entirely balanced and advanced players can get so advanced the are more than overpowered.
    This is also why we have issued resets in the past and also modified the mods several times. However, with a system based on EXP gain you'll always hold this problem.
    That is also why I can ensure you that in the future a new reset will take place. When, I cannot say, but it will simply because that's the way we've managed the servers all these times.
    A problem with frequent resets is however, that you will quickly loose the interest of the people playing it. After all, what is the use of a game when there is nothing to gain with it? Especially now that less and less people play zps and thus the amount of new members our community gets is dwindling, we prefer to make some edits and keep the regulars rather than forcing a reset in the hope of attracting new players on a dying game.

    Now, I know there will be people that say "but when they whine over a reset they aren't true members anyways", and I guess they have the right to say that, but it is just their opinion, not a fact. People can be teamplayers, good talking company, active on the forums etc, but yet leave after a reset. Why? Because they simply don't feel like playing the game again. Not nessecarily because they lost everything, but also because they don't feel like starting anew. Does that suddenly make them egocentrical rulebreakers? no. They simply don't play the game any more, and eventually leave the community because they loose contact with most of the members. One of the very reasons we have hopped over to other games isn't to attract new people on those games, but to give players that are already a member a chance to still play with SoD people on SoD servers without needing to force themselves to play ZPS every time. The most important reasons these people eventually get closed out is not because they stop playing, but because other people regard them as 'leavers'. After all, non of the members that left after the last reset suddenly dropped their membership and stated they never wanted to see us again, but they slided towards inactivity when time passed by.

    These are my five cents in this. If you don't like the second part, read it as the opinion of zps player Mikeforall instead of a statement from SoD Community Manager Crispy Bacon.

    the problem isn't as much the regendelay itself, but the combination of the regen and the high max-hp generation.
    Perhaps split it into 2 upgrades, if possible: One that gives direct hp regen (and thus is very expensive and gives a low regen/sec) and one that gives a regen after the zombie hasn't been hit for an x-amount of seconds.

    Alternitively we can nerve the regen itself or even reverse the change.

    I think everyone here knows where you are comming from Bizerco.
    As Xerox stated, doing something over a long period of time will eventually get boring. Many people here, including myself, have put zps activity on a minimum or even taken long breaks for a couple of months in the past.
    It isn't rly a 'taboo' as you state, it is simply that people don't rly talk about it on the open forums. If you look at the inactivity reports in the membersection however, it becomes clear that many people have experienced this.

    About what you state regarding the ranking: it depends wether you mean the actual ranklist or the mods.
    Most people I often play with don't care much for their rank and just play to have fun with their friends. Having a ranking system might help enhance the fun, but isn't nessesary.
    as for the SoD-mods: wel, many of our members don't play much on other servers, which probably says enouph. Without the mod, quite some peeps here would probably stop with zps or put activity on a minimum.

    The event was a huge succes. Many zombies, hornets and players found their dead, the latter sometimes by their own teammates.
    I'll post some screenies later on, and perhaps the others have some too :)

    The top-5 is as follows:

    1: Zac-Ireno
    2: Leo
    3: Acy
    4: Zach
    5: Kaisaschnitt

    Congratz, the 5 of you will recieve a small boost on the A15 map when it comes out :D

    A honourable mention to Zem, who got killed by zeds before he could even reach the event terrain :(
    And ofcourse also a mention for Spidey and Silentposeidon, who might have been overshadowed by the top, but still did a great job :)