KF2 - content of the next update

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      KF2 - content of the next update

      Hi guys,

      as some time has passed since the last big update it is time to look foward to the next one :D

      - The Gunslinger perk:

      This will be the "wild west" guy: using dual pistols to gun his enemies down. Dual 9mm pistols are already ingame and the other wepaons have been revealed recently:

      1. Model 1858 Revolver: popular revolver during the american civil war
      2. M1911: dont need to say much about this one
      3. Desert Eagle: everyone can remember the Handcannon of KF1 :D
      4. .500 Magnum Revolver: no clue how this will look like but it can deal with the largest zeds for sure

      - New map: Into the woods

      A new map has been confirmed here is a first screen shot:

      - Rework of the sounds:

      Most sounds will be redone, especially different parts of zeds (flesh, metal, etc) will get different sounds when being hit. This is just the first step for creating weak and tough parts for different zeds.
      - another map has been confirmed: similar to the old farm/barn map in kf 1 there will be a new farm map (the forest map is more similar to the old kf_wyre map)^^
      - flashlights will be removed as weapon attachment -> replaced as Body attachment so everyone can use his flashlight with any weapon

      more Details of the gunslinger have been revealed:

      Lvl 5
      Shoot ‘n’ Scoot – Move faster while shooting and aiming down sights.
      Quick Draw – Faster weapon switching

      Lvl 10
      Rhythm Method – Each headshot will increase your damage
      Bone Breaking – Flat damage increase

      Lvl 15
      Speed-load’n – Faster reload
      Penetration – Additional penetration

      Lvl 20
      Center Mass – Increased stumble power with body shots
      Knockdown – Increased knockdown power when a sprinting zed is shot in the leg

      Lvl 25 zed time
      Fan Fire – Shoot faster in zed time
      Uber Ammo – Unlimited shooting without reloading in zed time

      the grenade of the gunslinger perk will be a nailbomb, sounds quite messy :D

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      the new KF2 UPDATE IS LIVE along with the new/old boss THE PATRIARCH who is now back and harder than ever
      devs have said that he requires completely different tactics to tackle and as the boss spawn is determined randomly there is not way to accurately prepare for it adding a new fun challenge to the game
      they have boosted his health, he is now sneakier than before using his stealth not only to retreat but also to fake u out into thinking he is retreating when actually he is running around you to kill you from bhind
      hiding from his rockets behind cars and things will no longer work as if he sees you doing it he can turn his rocket launcher into a mortar and just bomb the hell out of you xD
      ok so i just gave the farmhouse map and teh gungslinger a test drive
      headshot damage is insane i could even stumble scrakes using the deagles and the hand cannons however accuracy isnt great xD so its a good close range fighter specially at higher levels when u get perks like quickdraw
      the farmhouse map is soooo damn hard the farmhouse itself has no large rooms so mounting a defense is almost impossible inside so everyone just pretty much sits outside im sure with the right team the barn or maybe the basement might be pheasable but with a noob team like u guys no chance xD
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