KF2 - first big content update is LIVE

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      KF2 - first big content update is LIVE

      Hi guys!

      finally the first big content update is live:

      -2 new maps
      -2 new "old" perks (firebug and demo)
      -many bug fixes and other stuff such as dual pistols

      How to update:

      "But we have seen some confusion on how to opt into the beta.

      To do so right click on the game (Killing Floor 2) in your Steam Library and select Properties.

      ith the propties window up select the beta tab. Once on the beta tab use the drop down box to opt into the 8.15 preview build."

      Hope to see you ingame soon although i dont have much time to play atm :thumbsup:
      just tried out all the weapons for both... disapointed with demo i was expecting more... the grenades are OP but they take forever to go off. the pistol grenade is cool coz it also fires buckshot wen u launch grenade, the basic nade launcher is just meh. the rpg only works at long range at close ranges it doenst explode it just bounces off whatever it hits and does nothing.
      firebug i am impressed with however. the starting gun is fun its just a diy glue gun but double barrel xD, the trench gun is awesome and does pretty damn good damage even against scrakes, the flamethrower is meh and does do freindly fire unfortunately

      but the thing i enjoyed most was THE MICROWAVE GUN.... this little beauty is amazing its a single target gun unlike the other flame weapons that causes ur target to pop like a bit of popcorn ina microwave... they inflate a little then POP. also has a cool secondary attack which is useful against crowds as it knocks everything flying xD
      see as a demo i was more a fan of the M4 203 coz u got the decent grenade damage and u didnt have to waste money on a second weapon. i think they need to add a gun like that back for demo like a combi assault rifle/grenade launcher... i also think a shotgun with explosive shells would be cool and maybe like a light anti vehicle rifle with exploding shells. or something like a sticky mine gun
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