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Sticky A12 talk and updates

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      A12 talk and updates

      Alpha 12 is currently in the testing phase.
      Since many of you do not closely follow the forums, blogs and social media of 7DtD, I'll put some of the most looked-forward too stuff from A12 here.

      New menu & Minibike

      Two of the most anticipated features for 7 Days to Die, A better-working menu and the minibike, have been confirmed for A12.
      The item-menu can be opened by right-clicking on any itemslot in your inventory. You will get a menu with various options for items, like eating them, crafting with them or trowing them away. It will make working with items or putting them away in different amounts in chests ways easier.
      The minibike will allow you to travel faster than ever before. The max speed is currently set to the speed at which admins can fly, (28blocks/sec) but it could be increased/decreased through modding. The minibike is made out of several quality-bound items, some of which you can see in the first picture. You can shoot from a minibike and use it to store stuff in (if you put a basket on it, that is). You can drive over zombies, shoot or melee (which one isn't clear yet) them from the bike (watch out though you don't crash it meanwhile) and crash and die when you are so unlucky to fall off a cliff. you can upgrade it with parts to make it more practical or look better, without needing those actual parts to ride it (currently only the basket, but more is confirmed for A13).
      And, you can ofcourse steal someone else his bike 8)
      They are also working on giving the model a seperate gravity-bound coding, so that you can use it to fly over ramps and stuff. However, it is not sure if that will make it into A12.


      This is the thing I myself have looked forward to the most ever since buying the game. There will be a complete semi-random weather system. You can get into a snowstorm while going to the main city, having some rain (and with bad luck fog afterwards) in the pine forest and dustbowls in the desert. Althrough the weather is measured out per biomes (in the desert rain is rare and it won't snow; in the snow biomes the chances of having a snowstorm are greater than in any other biomes; etc) it isn't to be predicted by timeintervals when something will happen. And with the new debufs, you can burn, catch a cold, or even freeze to death.
      As you can see, the sky has also been remade. It is ways more realistic now, with moving clouds and such. So when you see some dark clouds approaching you, better get inside!

      New ammunition types

      The bow, crossbow and shotgun all now have various ammo types. Stone, Iron, Steel and Flaming arrows are confired for the (cross)bow, and 2 different ammo types for the shotgun. Wether there are more new ammotypes in A12 or that more will be produced in a later alpha is unknown, but it sure adds some dimension to the game. Especially since the burning arrows will, just as torches, in the future be able to burn grass, trees and wood. In which alpha this will be done is not known, but it will probably be after they finished working on electricity, which if everything goes to plan will be introduced in A13.

      Ambient sounds.

      No screenshot this time (obvious, how do you want to make a screeny of sound effects Kappa ) but nontheless something to look forward to.
      They have reworked the the sound effects to work with the weather system and the day/night cyclus. Random sounds will be played in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, during the night, and when various weather effects occur. The system isn't finished as of yet, so they will refine it for A13. A raw version will however already be introduced in A12. Something to look forward to, since most people like me got so bored from the ever-repeating sounds that they just put music on while playing.

      Expanded wildlife (bears SSSsss )

      The FunPimps will be focussing more on wildlife and zombies for the next alpha's. Aside from remaking the currently existing entities into HD models, they also add some wildlife. The only one confirmed as of yet is the Bear. Althrough not so very difficult to take down, it is a fierce hunter. Better watch twice before stepping outside!

      New blocks

      A few blocks will be introduced and remodeled in A12. They include steel, (steel) upgraded concrete [screenshot 1&2], steel plates, tables [screenshot 3] and clay [screenshot 4]. clay is an interesting thing, since it is no longer an orange 'blob' sticking out of a cliffrock or digged up under dirt. It is now 'camouflaged' with a dirt-like texture and more rare to find in the desert. That said, it is getting its own sub-biomes, so if you manage to find it you will be able to make a jarfactory.

      The level system.
      A part of the level system has already been in place as of A10, with levels being introduced in A11. They are now going a step further by introducing proper leveled loot (the higher level you are, the more chance you have to find good stuff in trashbins and such) and locking recipes/books by level. The exact meaning of the last part isn't very clear to me, but I guess we will see once A12 drops. It is most likely just a placeholder for the skilltree on which they have been working for some months now.

      New Random Generated World

      And as a last point: the RWG.
      Two days ago, a surprise announcement was made: The Random Gen was completely redone. Biomesses are no longer seperated by rivers, but blend into one another (part of which was already introduced in A11). Their location is now also decided by longitude and latitude. Walking up a large hill (they can be tens of times higher and hundreds of times wider than before) brings you through several different biomesses. These biomesses naturally fade into one another, so a clear separation line cannot be seen any more. Also, the roads have gravel edges to made them look more natural, and smal dirt and gravel paths are leading from wilderness POI's towards the main road. These main roads no longer all go to the center of a biomes (mainly since the biomesses aren't squares any more) but lead to cities. On the sides of these roads you may find villages and towns.

      The expected patch notes will be over 12 pages (5 full word documents) full, but I decided to light out some of the main stuff here. Many bugs, including not loading chunks, more broken leggs, and cut-off caves will also be fixed by this Alpha. And it is highly likely there will also be some features in it which they haven't told us about yet...

      I hope I've been able to inform you guys a bit regarding the upcomming A12 update, which will require a new savegame. I'll see you guys ingame ;)
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      althrough no official information has been given, it is expected that the update will occur before or during the 4th of july weekend.

      In other words: Alpha 12 will hit very very soon. Is there is anything you still want to do on the A11 savegame, like jumping off a cliff or blowing up your base, now is the time to do it ;).
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