BanMe Updatelog

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    Version 0.4.2

    - Feature: User Config has been added, admins can now set there email or change there password

    - Some small changes to the layout on few pages so it fits better with the rest
    - Admins with lvl 3 and higher can now add bans
    - Banlength used to be with minutes, for longer bans this takes too long to calculate. Now edit and addban has a dropbox for the length
    Version 0.5.1

    - Fixed layout issues with the Memberpage
    - Added log to all admin actions, actions currently only avaible for root weren't logged, now they do

    - Sammys-zps: S-ZPS Members can now be added trough BanMe
    - Sammys-zps: Made preperations for the "changes" that are coming
    Version 0.5.2

    - Feature: You can easily search all the bans of 1 player from the banlist, admins can also search all bans from 1 IP
    - Feature: BanMe Users can be removed and has selector for admin levels now
    - Feature: BanMe Users can also be added without being in the SourceMod Admin list

    - Bansearch will search now trough Ban ID, Reason, Name, Steam ID of banned player and IP
    - Bans now also show the Ban ID of that ban

    - Sammys-zps: Lvl 4 Admins can add/edit Members now
    Version 0.5.3

    - Feature: Adminlog is now avaible lvl 4+ admin can check this log, also search option is avaible for the log
    - Feature: SourceMod Admins are now listed and can be editted or removed trough BanMe
    - Feature: Servers can now be editted or removed from BanMe (this doesn't affect the server itself)

    - Bug: Fixed a bug in the editpage of BanMe Users, it gave a blanco lvl after a edit of a user
    Version 0.6.0

    - There is now Leaderboards for both the upgrade systems, you can find all upgrades, challenges and mathstats. You can also search for your info by Steam ID or Nickname.

    - Feature: SourceMod Admin can now be added trough BanMe, sm_admins and sm_admins_groups will be updated correctly
    - Feature: Servers can now be editted or removed from BanMe (this doesn't affect the server itself)

    - Added "Ban on IP" line at the banlist.
    - Added "Ban on IP" option when you edit a ban.
    - Added Server ID line at the serverlist and changed the way ID is outputted on mainpage and serverlist.
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