TeamSpeak 3 Server - IP : ""

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      TeamSpeak 3 Server - IP : ""

      Hello everyone ,
      A new TS3 server has been set for our community.
      This tutorial will show the basic uses of TeamSpeak 3 and will not expend about all the options.
      So what is TeamSpeak? TeamSpeak is a communication program just like Skype , however , in TeamSpeak (TS) it is more for gaming and team conversations. Usually in Skype having a conversation of few people will make insane lags.
      To join our TS3 server , first of all you need to download it.
      Download link :
      Install it and launch it.
      When launched you will see the following screen:

      Now your TS works. To connect to our server click on "connections" :

      Click on connect:

      After clicking on connect the following screen will appear:

      Fill it in the following way:
      Server Address : Put here the server address you want to join , in our community case it is - ""
      Nickname : Put here your nickname , in my case it would be "Luke
      Server Password : In our TS server we got no password so leave it blank.

      After filling in , just click connect :

      After connecting , the following screen will appear :

      This is you , to know if it works or not just speak up and if you are sounded the blue dark circle will become bright.
      To mute yourself simply click on this button.
      To mute the channel so you can't hear what others say , simply click on this button.
      Right now you are in the lounge , most likely no one will be here. To join our ZPS community channel click on one of the server names.
      This is your chat , if you are not willing to speak , you can type.

      You can join other channels like DayZ , League of legends and etc.

      Make sure to click on /!\ Rules Read /!\ and read them. Ignorance of the law doesn't not exempt from punishment.

      For more questions , asks , needs problems or more - please post here! :)

      One important info to note is: Before you can join the server you will need (if you dont have already) increase your security level from your identity. The minimum you should have is level 20. (Takes about 5 seconds to do).

      To do so open up your teamspeak 3 client Click on settings->identities->default and increase it with the button improve
      increase security token 1.png
      increase security token 2.png
      increase security token 3.png

      Please note that guests cannot move into any channel apart from the lounge. Members and Admins can set you to the normal group which allows you to freely switch channels.

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