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      New players' friendly guidance book

      Welcome new player to Soldiers of Demise community!
      Here you should find all the information you look for about the server , forum community and the rules.

      Questions covered in this guidance:

      01.I am new to the forum can I have all the sections explained?
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      01. News - Information about current important things and upcoming ones.
      02. Updates - Improvements to the server.
      03. General - Things talked about our community , server etc.
      04. Soldiers Of Demise Applications - Applications for regular players requesting to become members.

      05. Map Section - About map removal , addition , bugs.
      06. Server Suggestions - Suggesting improvements to the server.
      07. Recent Bans - Recent bans made in the server.
      08. Ban Requests - Requesting for banning players.
      09. Ban Appeals - Players appealing for getting banned for not a justified reason.
      10. Admin Abuse Complaints - Reporting abuse from admins.
      11. Player Complaints - Complaining about players who done something to you or the server.
      12. General Chat - "Spam" section , talk about anything.
      13. Music, Video and Games - About music you want to share , funny videos or interesting games.
      14. Earn Points - Different quizzes , puzzles or such to be answered to earn free points.

      02.I would like to read the rules where exactly can I find them?
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      You can find the rules here :Soldiers of Demise Server Rules (Updated 30th October)
      Please make sure you read them carefully to prevent inconvenience

      03.I want to create a thread , how can I do that?
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      To create a thread simply go to the desired section you want to create the thread in (E.g. General Chat , Applications , Music,Video and Games , etc)
      Click on :
      After clicking on the button , the following page should open :

      The subject is the topic of your thread , like the subject of my thread is "New Players' friendly guidance book"
      The message is the content of the thread , what people will see inside your subject , usually the message describes the subject.

      04.I have an idea to improve the server , where I can share it?
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      You can either share it through opening a thread here :
      Or clicking top of the screen "Bugtracker" then on the middle of the screen you will see Suggestions - Implemented , Outstanding , Total , simply click on one of them and then click on "add a suggestion".

      05.I found a bug , where can I report it?
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      On top of your screen click on "Bugtracker" then on the middle of the screen you will see Error Reports - Fixed , Outstanding , Total , click on either on of them and then click on "report an error report".

      06.I got abused , where can I complain about it?
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      If you got abused by a member report it here:
      However , if it was by an admin , report it here:…6-Admin-Abuse-Complaints/
      For the full list of members and admins: Current Memberlist
      To get an answer why everyone wears an [S-ZPS] tag please skip to question #09.

      07.What are the differences between Server 1 and Server 2? What if I don't like stats do I have a choice? Are there more Sammy's servers?
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      The only difference between the two are that on Server 1 there is no speed upgrade and on Server 2 there is. Yes you have a choice , there is a special server for that where there are no upgrades but still has stats. There is also Eu4 which is COD (Call of Duty) modded.

      08.I see a lot of [S-ZPS] tags , what are they?
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      [S-ZPS] tag is a way of representing our community.
      Players who wear the tag can be either admins or members.
      Wearing the tag without going through the…mys-zps-com-Applications/ AND getting accepted will forbid you from wearing the tag.
      [S-ZPS] tag wearers get a bonus of 20% points.

      09.I want to become a member , how can I do that?
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      To become a member you should post your application here :…mys-zps-com-Applications/
      Using this format : Sammys [S-ZPS] Application Form - Rules and Requirements.
      Few tips before applying:
      1.Make sure you have atleast 80 hours of ZPS.
      2.Make sure you didn't break ANY rules.
      3.Make sure you had playtime on our servers.

      10.What's the difference between the section Player Complaints and Ban Requests?
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      The difference between the 2 sections is that in Player Complaints , you complain about a player who broke the rules and should have an eye kept on his behavior.
      However , in Ban Requests you post only players who have reputation for rule breaking and you think they deserve a ban.

      11.Where can I see the leaderboards?
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      To see the leaderboards you can either go to the top of the page and click JX Leaderboards.
      Or click the following link :

      12.Where can I see my own stats?
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      To see your own stats you can either go to the top of the page and click JX Player Stats.
      Or click the following link :
      To see your stats , at the top right corner enter your Steam ID.
      Your steam id can be found on
      Or by typing in ZPS' Console "Status" and see your steam id.

      13.What's the shoutbox on the main forum page?
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      The shoutbox on the main forum page is some sort of a quick chat in Steam which is updated with messages without reloading the page.
      Can be used to talk about anything!

      14.I can't seem to find the server ips where are they?
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      Server 3 - - JXMOD - STATS - ACHIEVEMENTS

      15.I would like to donate where I can do that?
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      You can donate at :
      At the bottom of the page.

      16.I didn't understand what is the difference between the donation packs.
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      Donating 1 Euro gives you : 500 PP
      Donating 5 Euro gives you : 2500 PP + 500 PP + 5 Tokens + 5000 Zombie & Survivor upgrade points.
      Donating 10 Euro gives you : 5000 PP + 1500 PP + 10 Tokens + 10000 Zombie & Survivor upgrade points.

      17.What are PP?
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      PP = PremiumPoints , To spend PremiumPoints type !vip ingame. You can spend PP on skins , vip days which provide you 1.5x points and a reserved slot , converting to points.

      18.What are BetCoins?
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      BetCoins are used for to fill in a lottery.
      The lottery is a series of 3 numbers chosen each day at 3PM GMT+0 , the 3 numbers are random from 1-30 in a random order ( Not necessarily from smallest to biggest )
      Guessing all 3 numbers right in the same order they are drawn will provide you the winning pot.
      However , guessing in the wrong order won't provide you any prize.
      Guessing 1 number right in the same place drawn will provide you 5% of the pot prize.
      Guessing 2 numbers right in the same place drawn will provide you 25% of the pot prize.

      19.What are tokens?
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      Tokens are another currency on the server , to use your tokens type in !boost.
      Tokens are obtained via RTD or betting betcoins using !jbet 1-3.
      You can spend tokens on points , temporary boosts and BetCoins.

      20.What are points?
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      Points are your main currency in the game , with points you upgrade your stats typing in the chat !rpg.
      You have 2 upgrade menus , 1 menu for survivors and 1 for zombies.
      Each menu's points are individual and earned individually by the end of the round.
      You can upgrade things such as speed , damage , infection , toughness , ammo regen , starting ammo an so on.

      21.What benefits do I get from becoming a member?
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      Becoming a member + wearing the [S-ZPS] tag provides you extra 20% points at each round end.
      Also you get member exclusive commands only which allow you to vote for gags , mutes , bans and kicks.

      22.Where I can see the full memberlist?
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      For the full list of members and admins: Current Memberlist

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      23.Members are admins?
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      Members are definitely not admins. Please do not refer to members as admins.

      24.I really like the server , is there a way I can contribute?
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      Ofcourse , you can donate 1 , 5 or 10 euro. For more information see question #15.

      25.Is there a TeamSpeak channel for the server?
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      Yes , there is a multi-subject TeamSpeak. We currently use TeamSpeak 3.
      To see information about the TeamSpeak click on the following link:

      26.I read your guidance and I still couldn't find an answer , what should I do?
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      Don't hesitate to contact either me - [S-ZPS] Luke or [S-ZPS] Crispy Bacon or [S-ZPS] Mr. 9.
      Please post feedbacks , opinions and suggestions

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      this is new players other is member

      Did you ever the hear the tragedy of Angela Ziegler the wise ?
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      I thought not. It's not a story the
      Blizzard Devs would tell you. It's an Overwatch legend.
      Angela Ziegler was the main healer of Overwatch, so powerful and so skilled she could use her rapid healing to influence the human body to create life...
      She had such a knowledge of healing that she could even keep the ones she cared about from dying.
      The Zürich PHD is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
      She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did.
      Unfortunately, she taught Jeff Kaplan everything she knew, then her developers nerfed her in her sleep.
      Ironic, she could save others from death, but not herself.
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