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    Human Upgrades

    There are a total of 10 Human Upgrades. Each upgrade will cost accordingly to the Maximum upgrade stat. You will find that some upgrades cost More per level, This is due to the upgrade having a lower Max Upgrade Limit.

    The First Upgrade is Health. For each Upgrade Level, you will receive increased Maximum health on spawn and through out the round, Medpacks & Pills will heal you to your New Maximum health.

    The Second & Third Upgrade are Armour & Armour Regeneration. For each Upgrade Level, your Starting Armour will increase on spawn. The Armour Regeneration upgrade will only regen up to your Upgraded Armour Level. Upgrading the Armour Regeneration Upgrade will increase the regeneration time.

    The Fourth Upgrade is Starting Melee. Each Upgrade will change your starting Melee Weapon. Below is a list of Starting Melee Weapons you can obtain per Upgrade Level:

    0) Plank
    1) Keyboard
    2) Spanner
    3) Cooking Pot
    4) Fryingpan
    5) Golf Club
    6) Fireman's Axe
    7) Crowbar
    8 )Pipe
    9) Machete
    10) Tireiron
    11) Wooden Bat
    12) Metal Bat
    13) Chair
    14) Shovel
    15) Sledgehammer

    The Fifth Upgrade is Starting Weapon. Each upgrade will change your starting weapon, Below is a list of Starting Weapons you can obtain per Upgrade Level.

    0) PPK
    1) USP
    2) Glock
    3) Glock18c
    4) Winchester
    5) Super Shorty
    6) Shotgun 870
    7) MP5
    8 ) AK47
    9) M4
    10) Revolver

    The Sixth Upgrade is Ammo Regeneration. Each upgrade level spent in this upgrade will increase the regeneration time of your ammunition, It will regen the ammunition based on the in-hand weapon. Each weapon will regen ammo and separate rates, For instance, pistol ammo will grant more ammo over time than shotgun or magnum bullets.

    The Seventh Upgrade is Melee Damage. This upgrade Increases your Melee damage against Zombies! Each Melee weapon will output increased damage based on the original damage. For Instance, a sledgehammer will benefit more from the upgrade than a plank in terms of 'Extra Damage' Per Hit.

    The Eighth Upgrade is Weapon Damage, This upgrade increases your Weapon Damage against Zombies! Each Melee weapon will output increased damage based on the original damage. For Instance, a revolver will benefit more from the upgrade than a PPK in terms of 'Extra Damage' Per Hit.

    The Ninth Upgrade is Stamina Regen. As a survivor, constantly moving will slow you down over time. This upgrade will allow you to run at maximum speed for longer. Each upgrade spent will increase the regeneration time of you stamina bar.

    The Tenth Upgrade is Speed. The Speed upgrade increases your maximum movement speed as a human. Each upgrade level will increase the maximum speed your player will have throughout the round.

    The Eleventh and final upgrade for Survivors is Martyrium. This upgrade will drop an active grenade which will allow you to get revenge on the zombie that killed you. Each level increases the chance for it to spawn by 1%
    Each level decrease the time it takes to explode, increases the damage and increases the range.

    Zombie Upgrades

    There are a total of 9 Zombie Upgrades. Each upgrade will cost accordingly to the Maximum upgrade stat. You will find that some upgrades cost More per level, This is due to the upgrade having a lower Max Upgrade Limit.

    The First and Second Upgrade for zombies is Health & Health Regeneration. Each Upgrade in Health will increase your total Health. The Health regeneration will regen upgrade up to your maximum health upgrade. Each upgrade level in health regen increases the regeneration rate.

    The Third Upgrade is Lifesteal. Lifesteal will 'Steal' health from your target. Granting you health for each consecutive hit. Upgrading this upgrade will increase the total health returned from each attack.

    The Fourth Upgrade is Damage. Damage increases the base damage of zombies. Each upgrade will slightly increase your damage output per hit.

    The Fifth upgrade is Toughness. The Toughness upgrade will reduce all incoming damage your receive. Each upgrade level distributed into this upgrade will reduce the damage taken from an opposing survivor. The damage reduction is percentage based, meaning you will take less damage the more damage you receive.

    The Sixth upgrade is Lunge Regeneration. This upgrade increases the zombie Lunge ability automatically over time. Increasing the upgrade level for this stat will regenerate the lunge faster.

    The Seventh upgrade is Speed.The Speed upgrade increases your maximum movement speed as a zombie. Each upgrade level will increase the maximum speed your player will have throughout the round.

    The Eighth upgrade is Infection. In JX-MOD 2015, Infection is set to 0 for Zombies, and 5% for Whitey Zombies. Upgrading the infection stat will increase your Infection Chance by 1% to a maximum 15% ( 20% Whitey ).

    The Ninth and Final upgrade for Zombies Mutation. Mutation will disable all upgrades of the survivor for 6 seconds. Upgrading the mutation stat will increase your Mutation chance by 2% to maximum of 20%. The mutated player will not be able to use !boost !rtd nor the chat while mutated. Also no stats / dailies will progress while in mutation state.

    Point Rate System

    This mod has a new feature to balance Human and Zombie 'Spammers' This is to allow players to enjoy both roles knowing they will be earning points based on their game play preference. Points in JX MOD is split into Zombie and Human points. By Wanting zombie as your main role preference, you will, over time, earn less zombie points at the end of each round. Each user has their own Point Rate which does not reset when you leave one of the servers. The idea behind this is to force players to equally want to play on both teams, and prevent Zombie Spammers from earning Zombie Points if the role is 'Spammed' . Please also refer to the Sammys-ZPS Server Rules on Zombie Spamming, you can also review them ingame with !Rules.

    JX Statistics / Achievements / Challenges

    The new mod now comes with Full Player Statistics which can be viewed @ sammys-zps.com/jx (currently a WIP ) You can search your STEAMID on the right hand side of the page.

    You can find your SteamID by typing STATUS in CONSOLE while in game. The Statistics will record all weapon and melee activity. Kills, Shots Fired, Shots Hit, Shots Missed and Weapon Accuracy ( Guns Only ). You will also be ranked against other players based on your weapon statistics and overall performance as a Survivor and Zombie. You will have 4 Ranks available. Upgrade Rank, Survivor Skill Rank, Zombie Skill Rank and a Global Skill Rank. To Become Ranked, You require 1 hour of gameplay, 100 survivor kills and 25 Zombie Kills. Once the requirements have been met, you can type !rank in chat to view your current rank standings. The mod now also comes with player Achievements. There are currently 31 Achievements to Obtain and find! Achievements are being kept secret for the time being. You will earn 5000 Points for Each Achievement Found and Unlocked!. You can view your current achievements on the web interface and by typing !Ribbons or !Achievements in game.

    You will also have Daily Challenges to obtain. Each day you will have a goal for 7 different challenges, These include, Survivor Frags, Zombie Frags, Survivor Killing Spree, Headshots, Damage, Rounds Won as a survivor and Melee Kills. Each time a Daily Challenge is complete you will be rewarded with Points. Also, each time a daily challenge is completed, you will increase your level in that challenge. Each level obtained will increase how tough a daily challenge will be. For Instance. Level 1 Survivor Kills is 175 Kills in a day, a Level 2 ranked Survivor Kills will become 250.

    JX Lotto

    A fun and new feature is the JX LOTTO! Each day @ 3:00 PM GMT+0, The Lotto will run! You can participate ( 3 BetCoin Entry Fee ) by picking 3 numbers from 1-30. The Lottery Jackpot is increased by 250 Points per player each day, The Pot will increase until it has been won! ( Resting back to 10000 Points ).

    1 Matching Numbers - 5% Pot
    2 Matching Numbers - 25% Pot
    3 Matching Numbers - 100% Pot

    You can access the lotto menu by typing !bet or !lotto in chat!

    JX MOD Additional Features

    VIP) !VIP - Access to the VIP Menu to unlock Skins, Buy VIP Days, Points, Tokens, BetCoins.

    Jouxbox) !buysong - Buy a song of your choice !buysong name of song

    Spree Sounds) Taken from Fungrades, Killing Sprees without sounds are back with reworked code!

    Team Math Game) Timed Event, Players will have the chance to answer multiple match questions in an alloted time to win points!

    RTD) Brand new RollTheDice with many new rewards and interactive rewards. Keeping secret the many new events ;)

    Medic) !medic - Fungrades medic has been built into the mod. Medics will have the ability to heal and cure other players based on thier level/medic upgrades.
    It has always been a mystery for me how points are calculated at the end of each round but with the new mod it is even stranger to me.
    Points varying between 1k to 10k depending on maps. Dammage doesnt seem to affect the amount of points that much as well since i make alot of dammage and others seem to be getting the same amount of points.
    Maybe it is a very complicated system and hard to explain how the system works, but can there be a tiny bit more explanation how this system works?
    It is a little dissapointing to see people make tons of points while i make alot more kills/dammage and seem to be getting almost the same amount.

    It is not a communist based point system or is it? x)

    (maybe i am missing something or it isnt right what i am saying but i am interested in general how the point system works)

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: i am not being human too much times in a row i am getting the same amount of points as zomb and as human you can look it up on my stats.

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    You know that level 1 costs 10k and level 2 17k already ? So if we assume that each level costs ~10k more than the previous you need like 200k to buy level 20.

    Edit also Keep in mind that if you play over and over survivor you will receive less points no matter if you do 30 kills or not

    Did you ever the hear the tragedy of Angela Ziegler the wise ?
    Show Spoiler

    I thought not. It's not a story the
    Blizzard Devs would tell you. It's an Overwatch legend.
    Angela Ziegler was the main healer of Overwatch, so powerful and so skilled she could use her rapid healing to influence the human body to create life...
    She had such a knowledge of healing that she could even keep the ones she cared about from dying.
    The Zürich PHD is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
    She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did.
    Unfortunately, she taught Jeff Kaplan everything she knew, then her developers nerfed her in her sleep.
    Ironic, she could save others from death, but not herself.
    No one gets 10k just cause the script decided , when you get an achievement you get 5000 zombie points and survivor points and it's calculated in the round end.
    So lets say you should get same amount of points like another guy but you did an achievement so you both get 1k points but you will get 6k in round end for completing an achievement.
    see im kinda in the same boat as laurens on some maps im sometimes barely reaching 1000 points even if i survive the entire length of the round and some people are coming out with it at like 2000-5000 almost every round and its almost always the same people as well it just strikes me as odd and a little unfair at times

    (also do i post here if i want to recomend/ask about a change to the point system or do i post it somewhere else if so link pleeease)
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