Medic 2.0

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    Fungrades Medic Feature - 2.0

    The new medic mod is (currently) a session based Upgrade system, which
    allows you to upgrade your medic abilities differently each time you

    There are 4 Upgrades;

    Heal Total

    Upgrading this will increase the total amount of healing you can give yourself and others around you in any one round.

    Heal Rate

    The Heal Rate upgrade will heal both yourself and others around you faster.

    Total Cures

    Total cures will increase your cures by 1 per upgrade point spent.

    Cure Chance

    Starting at 35%. Each upgrade will increase the chance of a successful Cure by 15%.

    You will level up by doing well in a round, EXP Is calculated from all
    stats. So make sure you cure and heal your fellow survivors if you want
    to increase in rank!

    How to be a Medic

    Once in game, type !medic to assign ( previous questions will return! i know people loved them )

    To Heal: Stand near a wounded player ( Glowing Red ) to heal automatically. Brighter the Red Glow = More wounded they are!

    To Cure: Once a Fellow survivor has been infected, they will show
    up BLUE. To Cure, Press E when standing next to them. Your cure will
    take 5 seconds and, with any luck, Cure them!

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