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Announcement SoD schedules weekly events in ZPS

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      SoD schedules weekly events in ZPS

      Hello, mates!
      We were promising to bring good news this month,
      and here they are!

      While many people are waiting for the next Zombie Panic! Source major update which promises to improve some current issues and bring some new cool features at the same time to the game,
      We have decided to host weekly gaming sessions for our veterans on our eu2 server with perks and RPG systems!
      That means, every Saturday evening we gonna schedule organized gaming sessions with cosy gaming atmosphere, provided by active admins and possible various custom events!

      So, the first event (and possibly next ones) is scheduled for
      a Saturday, 5th October
      server: SoldiersOfDemise.com | EU2 | PerkUP! Class Mod |
      IP address:
      20:00 BST
      21:00 CEST
      22:00 TRT/MSK
      15:00 EST

      Top3 players (by gained exp points) get a unique skin to wear for the next week! Keepo
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