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Sticky "Thanks to that buddy..."

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      "Thanks to that buddy..."

      In almost every case there is a guy... or maybe a girl, thanks to whom we joined this community as a member.

      Maybe that person just "pushed" you a little bit on your way to SoD / S-ZPS,
      or perhaps you have joined us because of that cool man? :d
      Share that with your mates here! ;)

      *I've put this thread to a general section since there are some guys who aren't officially SoD members anymore but still nearby, and we still like them!
      So in my case, that guy is @Mr.Green ))
      He was asking me about applying almost whenever I was playing on sod servers, jees xD
      One day I just gave up and made a member application :d
      I'm thankful to Green for the opportunity to meet so many nice people!
      Sadly Mr. Green currently "beyond" our community and I haven't seen him for a few years already...
      But I hope he is fine and we will meet him once again!
      Thanks to a lot of members and members who left the community : Mr.Phone ! Leo, Feng, Lion, Zach, chuck, Fora ... Also Angel who left i think ? My application was the longest application of this community i think, remember 3 month to take the decision ! XD Lot of fun in 2016
      I'm sorry to not play a lot with you actually but i'm entering in IT engineer school (work-linked training) so that's a little bit hard XD ! And also Zombie Panic source bores me :( i prefer play fps or adventure game !

      Sooo thanks a lot for these 3 years ! And i'm gonna try to play more with you ! (and train my english XD )
      no one i know convinced me to play on SoD/Sammys i just stumbled on it by chance but their was 1 or 2 admins who got me to play solely on them servers and that thanks goes out to Mr. Bear and Ratchet both of whom i havnt seen or spoken too since they left the community ;(
      i'd like to quote from my 2nd application :D :

      LimiteD wrote:

      Why should we accept you?: I'm an old [S-ZPS] member, and i want to be and active member again. I think this is the best Clan/group who i ever meet in my life, not just in the Zps, in another games too.. and i would like to be a member again of this fantastic team .

      ^^^^^^^ i mean community FailFish
      For me at the Sammy's time "that buddy" was @Cody, he was so friendly to everyone and i really enjoyed playing with him :D, and then i started to know other members and i just wanted to join at all costs :thumbsup:
      ~Never regret anything that made you smile.~
      My Story started than i was a little Sasuke My name was not even Sasuke at that point only very few people propably remember my old name.
      Part of that Story are Killer+Miku, Mr.9, Char and Luke. I was about 14 at that point and played some random russian rpg servers and shit Just some few times on Sammys.
      At some point the player base on that russian rpg server left for good and later on i also left and started to play Sammys on a more regualar base.
      I really admired Mr.9 and char for how good they were and how nice they were to everybody And also because they were German.
      Well i was propably about 15 at that time and i decided that i really want that awesome [S-ZPS] Tag.
      So how naive as i was i just put it on and as fast as i put it on it also dissappeared again because of that Old System that prevented you from being an fake member.
      At that time Killer+Miku was on the Server and was like :"Nah dude, thats not how it works duh".
      So he explained to me How to become a Member And my brain was like :"Nope, Cant do that XD".
      So after 2-3 days after getting the hang of becoming a Member I finally made an Application.
      Appearently people kinda liked me and after a Week or more Luke Accepted me as a member.
      And up to this day I still Serve the Server as an Proud Admin and my bad English. BloodTrail

      The End QTWave
      To the limits and further ahead

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      Have been playing since i was a little annoying kid , ( i think i started in 2009 or so as a 11 year old kid); Back then i played on another account with a different name (brunoldus) but i was just a stupid kiddo and didnt even know what a clan was. It wouldnt be until the server became SoD that i started to think of joining. and thanks to Zach i decided to apply in the end. And with the ambition to be able to slap myself and others, a upstanding member and improve the server i became an admin
      For me it was 2009, I played ZPS only because it was a free to play game and I couldn't buy any games myself (12 years old).
      I met this admin back in the time that @Joux remembers I think, which later got kicked because of me to the best of my knowledge.
      The guy I'm talking about is "Existed Sindow", anyway, I was that little annoying brat and I begged to be an admin from that guy.
      I guess he felt pity for me and decided to make me an admin ( go figure ).
      I remember him telling me a few days later that he got demoted and left the server due to that, I also lost my admin privileges, I did a 1+1 and got to a conclusion Joux was mad x).
      But I kept playing, I later became a member of [S-ZPS] after 2 applications, I remember @bluescreen accepting my 2nd application because I showed dedication and wanted to be a member so much, back in the day it was my dream.
      I remember seeing the "Accepted" felt the same like getting viriginity taken away :D.
      S-ZPS/SoD has been a few years of my life, and I'm not sorry for it, those are the kinds of memories that I want to stay in my head forever :>.
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