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Announcement PerkUP! - A class based mod with classic upgrades!

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      PerkUP! - A class based mod with classic upgrades!

      Over the last few months, both xerox and myself have been working on a brand new perk/class system, which will work significantly different to our previous mods.
      We have specifically designed a system that will allow anyone to join at anytime without the need to spend hours on end trying to get points to match other players stats & upgrades.

      is our latest and greatest mod that will revolutionize the world of Zombie Panic Source Kappa which will offer various different perks and classes, randomly provided each map for each individual player. Along with the randomised perks, we have also added some of our iconic upgrades that have been in our systems over the many years we have been running.

      For those watching the devlog, you may already know several of the perk names included, and for those that played our previous classmod. I do plan to add more over time ( hopefully ones you can all suggest ).

      How does it work?

      For each map, you will be provided with 2 random perks. These perks currently include various types of buffs, some designed around damage enhancements, some designed solely for defence, some for utility purposes, and even some being slightly... random.
      You cannot change your perks manually, however, they can be re-roll via Roll The Dice. Roll the dice, including the much-loved Burn and Freeze outcomes, will also provide the chance to obtain a third Perk. The 3rd perk will then remain with you for the remainder of the current map.

      4 Upgrades have been added to each team, for Survivors you will have Speed, Damage, Armour & Ammo Regen. For the Zombie team you have Speed, Damage, Health & Infection. Upgrade points are gained from dealing Damage, getting kills & assists and from Roll The Dice.

      However, although we have included our classic upgrades to the system, we have made one big change. Upgrades are temporary for each session. I wanted to create a system that was not a grind fest for upgrade points, but rather a system than can be enjoyed without the 'need' for a mod reset due to the system getting to a stage where the long term players are far too overpowered for new players to comete with. There is no longer the need to spend 25 hours a day playing to become the very best, You join, and instantly receive 2 perks and will quickly obtain upgrade points to spend. With this mod, you also do not need to worry about crashing, or restarting your game for what ever reason, the system will give you 5 minutes to rejoin before your upgrades are reset.

      Map Conversion (The confusing part, but not really)
      But players who have played for a couple of hours will still be stronger than me still!
      Yes, to some degree. Each map you will lose a % of your upgrade points, However, the longer you play, the % gained back will increase by 10% ( Starting at 30% ).

      As an example: If you manage to make 100 Upgrade points in your first map, the next map you play will provide you with 30 (30% Map Conversion) Upgrade points in return. If you are still playing at the end of your second map and you have gathered another 100 Upgrade points in total, you will then receive 40 (40% Map Conversion) Upgrade points for the next map. This is now the only reward for long duration of play, you will be overall stronger than other players, but remember, it does not take long for everyone to reach max upgrade potential!!!

      Map Conversion system has been removed. Upgrades no longer reset on each map change. However, now if you leave for long than 5 minutes, you total upgrade points will decay over time.

      Balance System + Last Stand
      This mod will also include a new balancing system which will provide early buffs for zombies if they are having little success at the start of the round, the hope for this system is to prevent starting zombies from leaving by giving them some early buffs ( Health/Damage). In chat notifications will be printed when the system is active.
      But don't fret survivors, it would not be fair giving zombies a buff without doing anything to the human team! Therefore, survivors will also receive a small buff if they are the last remaining survivor(s) (depending on playerbase).

      Automatic Upgrade System
      Inspired by Leo, and his need to help and provide new players with information about upgrading. I have made a kind of 'failsafe' system, which is ON by default. This will attempt to upgrade you, randomly, if enough upgrade points are available. a huge portion of players from our previous systems did not upgrade, this will give players who still do not fully understand that little extra boost regardless. It will print in chat the upgrade that has been upgraded when the script runs each time.

      Stats System
      The mod now has a skill-based stat system in place.Your rank, skill points, and gained skill points will be printed in chat.

      You will gain points based on the victims skill rating. This will range anywhere between 1 skill Point to 40~ skill points.

      You will also lose a small portion of skill rating on death if the attackers skill rating is far lower than your own.

      !rpg !upgrade !menu - Opens the upgrade menu.
      !perk !perks - Displays your current perks.
      !rtd - Rolls the Dice
      !auto - Toggles the Automatic Upgrade System ( ON by Default )
      !boost - Shows the boost menu.
      !top10 - Shows top 10 players ( Stats System )
      !rank - shows you current rank and skill rating.
      !feed - Toggles the kill feed.

      The Perks

      Hazmat - You cannot be infected.
      Samurai - Increases all melee damage output by 100% !
      Unit - You take 30% less damage from all zombie damage.
      The Doc - Provides you with unlimited health regeneration.
      Dave - The Mad Lad, provides random buffs throughout the round.
      Elsa - Dealing damage slows zombies by 25%.
      Scout - Provides additional base movement speed ( Speed Upgrades are also more effective per level )
      Carpenter - Barricades are 3x stronger. You will also start with 3 barricades which are placed on the ground at round start.
      John Wick - Headshots do 25% more damage.
      Einstein - You gain Upgrade Points faster from all sources.
      The Punisher - You start with an additional 'random' gun.
      Bolt - Increased Stamina Regeneration.
      Medic - Provides the player with a deployable medkit which grants healing when in range. Hold E to spawn.
      The Mountain - Provides an additional 50 max health on spawn. Works with healing items / perks.
      Thor - Spawns with a Sledghammer & grants 100% more damage. ( You cannot use other melee weapons )
      Guardian - Reduces damage taken from zombies to nearby Survivors.

      Lagertha - Increases attack range by 50%
      Brute - You take 30% less damage from all human damage.
      Braindead - Headshot damage reduced by 50%.
      Whitey - Spawns as a whitey that provides extra damage/infection/health.
      Vamps - Dealing damage provides 50% lifesteal.
      Predator - Grants 100% Stealth. Taking damage will reveal, and when in close proximity of a survivor.
      Wolverine - Increases damage to breakable items by 300%.
      Tank - Base health increased by 100.
      Ender - Increases base damage.
      Hunter - Provides additional base movement speed ( Speed Upgrades are also more effective per level )
      Plague - Grants 10% base infection chance.
      Panther - Provides a massive boost to lunge regeneration.
      Cannibal - Kills grant 100 health.
      Rupture - After a short duration when killed, you will explode dealing damage to nearby survivors.
      Death Knight - Provides an aura to all nearby zombies that reduces the damage from survivors by 20% ( does not stack with itself, does not work on the knight himself, stacks with Brute )

      I have several more planned to add to mod, however, i would like everyone to come up with some of thier own ideas for perks. Therefore any suggestions you have, please make one here : soldiersofdemise.com/Forum/wpb…/14/?issueType=suggestion

      Short info if you have the carpenter perk. For some reason giving barricades on spawn or even shortly after round start will crash the server. As a workaround your barricades will spawn at your location on round start so be sure to pick them up.

      Did you ever the hear the tragedy of Angela Ziegler the wise ?
      Show Spoiler

      I thought not. It's not a story the
      Blizzard Devs would tell you. It's an Overwatch legend.
      Angela Ziegler was the main healer of Overwatch, so powerful and so skilled she could use her rapid healing to influence the human body to create life...
      She had such a knowledge of healing that she could even keep the ones she cared about from dying.
      The Zürich PHD is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
      She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did.
      Unfortunately, she taught Jeff Kaplan everything she knew, then her developers nerfed her in her sleep.
      Ironic, she could save others from death, but not herself.
      I really like new classes have been added recently!

      A bit nagging on my part xD:
      Why the zombie class which gets +100 hp for every survivor killed named as "cannibal",
      since he eats humans but not zombies from their own kind,i suppose? :goggles: :d
      Isn't "Ghoul" more suitable e.g. (like from Warcraft 3, he could restore his health by eating corpses)?
      Map Conversion system has been removed. I didn't like it.

      Your upgrades and points now transfer automatically to the next map without the loss of any points. The new system, after 5 minutes of not rejoining the server, your points will slowly start decay over time.

      This means all active players, even if you only play for an hour or two, will be rewarded with upgrade points the next time you join.

      Upgrades also now max out at 10.
      1 new Perk Added - Death Knight - description above.

      Stats system has also been modified slightly, point rate gain/loss has been multiplied by 10. which means top ranked players will now gain tiny amounts of skill rating for killing anyone( rather than only gaining skill rating against players with similar skill rating )

      Along with this change, a new kill !feed which will indicate who you killed and vice versa ( with skill rating gain/loss information ). This will hopefully make the stats system easier to understand in how you gain/lose points !
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