A Veg Dick- Remove my gag bros.

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    A Veg Dick- Remove my gag bros.

    Well was about 2 days Sod phone, gagged me ( i guess for dirty talkin, nigga stuff and that) and i would like to say that im gona try control my language and be more educated, im a regular player on the server how all know, and i love playin on ur sever and speak with several people (including sod) and i get of lot of fun there, i admit that several times i didnt have the best behaviour on words terms, but all of us learn from errors, so im in process of.

    So i will like to all and more specific to Phone to remove my gag and the other comand that dont allow me as zombie to break any table or window, thats pure injustice, i cant kill humans as zombie.

    PD: And i would like to apologize for my bad language (mostly trash talkin) that i had this days.

    My best greetings to all SOD Team
    A Vegetarian Dick ;)
    You have been warned and punished several times, probably more than normally due to being a regular visitor. 7 bans on record and dozens of warns that's why you got your punishment to think about it. Drugs are not an excuse of such behaviour, you can join in and get restored back but that's your last chance!
    I would like to thanks to all the SOD team for understood me, ye i know Lion that drugs make me act like that (im just that smart guy who lose mind with drugs), but with drugs im talkin not hard ones, only wine and weed, and yep i was warned several times so i promise dont gona repeat this behaviour, i think its not the appropriate to the server so wont gona do it again.

    PD: I think this gagging has served me above all to change my behavior, so I will comply with it.

    All greetings to SOD
    A Vegetarian Dick ;)

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