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Where we are, where we wanna go!

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      Where we are, where we wanna go!

      Hello friends, I hope you all are doing good, I would like to use this post to talk about the current state of our community and discuss what's next.

      As we all know, SoD settled down for a while already, Fungrades 2.0 ain't being visited much, not much happening in our community etc. Basically ZPS Cabin and (probably) Minecraft keeps breathing fresh air into those SoD lungs, but our actual community doesn't do much together anymore (at least for ZPS). It might be understandable that people go their own paths and therefore branch out into other games, especially since ZPS didn't blow up as much as expected. But that's not the whole reason why SoD/Fungrades isn't as active anymore. I have the feeling like most people simply settled down aswell and over the course of several years up to almost a decade are most likely done with ZPS and it's upgrades ones. On the one hand we all age and close old chapters and open new ones. Some maybe attending a job some even might have created their own family already, whatever it is, it's most likely reasonable. One the other hand ZPS is an old game and even though it's a (for the most part) fun and cozy community, it's still small. And getting new people to keep SoD alive is almost impossible without risking to recruit freaks. Therefore I assume the priority switched from expanding the community and running towards constant improvement on games/servers/staff, to keeping alive what's there and enjoying the people we have (don't get me wrong, those improvements aren't completely abandoned).

      I have been thinking and discussing a lot about our current state, what to change, what to do, where is the point in what. It was interesting to see different opinions and sadly some of those people I talked to already left or probably are tempted to leave aswell. I am not trying to create some sad atmosphere or declaring the communitys status into something absurd, don't worry we're not done yet! I am simply pointing out mine and other peoples thoughts. It's obvious, hard times will come when the community is based alone on a really old game and therefore keeping a modded server alive on a good amount of players is pretty hard, considering the daily player peak of ZPS is around 100 (I think). Nonetheless people still love this game and branching out into other games has sadly failed. Too much we are different and yet this game still unites us all.

      The question is now though, what do we wanna do next? Who is actually still alive and wants actively take part in future events? I would like everyone to give out their thoughts on anything regarding what I wrote or stuff in general you got in mind. State your wishes or ideas or even suggest something we all can do together.

      As for myself I have been talking to Bizerco about expanding into Warframe just for the people who actually play it, not to force the community to shift over like it usually failed. I think it would be nice to have an SoD clan over there with people who wanna contribute to it. It's a team based game. At some point you rely on your friends and building the clan, going on raids, exploring new updates, requires teamwork. Especially for the upcoming updates personally I am hyped because it will grant you a clan space ship to explore the space, which requires teamwork to be maneuvered. It's pretty chill hanging on the discord and just fool around while bashing through raids or mission in a squad. Overall this game gives a sense of community, which ZPS mostly doesn't focus on (actively). If we actually have some peeps interested in this, we could set up a Warframe section on Forums with tips/guides/questions etc. to give those people who play a small place to exchange on knowledge and help eachother. And who knows, maybe some members will follow or new ones will be found over there.

      This is just my personal idea and nothing I take as granted, I simply would like to get some response from you guys.
      I agree with Lion. In that we need to move onto other games and greener pastures.

      Zps has gotten too old and outdated for alot of us. Yes it is free, but we have all changed. We have new likes and dislikes; and I fee at least, Zps is too slow for alot of people. They get bored or mad too quickly for the games pacing and leave. I myself often get bored of eu3 (even though I cherish it, and all of you, Dearly.) and shut down into a sub human state of awareness, some of you may notice; as its when I start to become top frag and stop talking. For new comers however, They see alot of us as being mean or over skilled, in case of eu3; Mr.Saint was so powerful that people would leave when he joined and it became very hard to get the server populated.
      I hope we can come to an agreement, and breathe truly stable life into Soldiers of Demise; I enjoyed and still enjoy, playing with everyone. It was the only reason I, and hopefully many others came back.

      Now, I know. I know. I am not seen as a very nice or even highly placed person of any influence. I know many people see me as a downer, or mean, and everything I do or say is toxic or hateful. I fear that banning me alone would help the community come back to life. And I am sorry that you may of felt this way, or it even being the case in some points. It was my own attempt at breaking the ice, by trying to make light of situations. But hopefully we can work everything out in the new couple of months. However, we can only do this as a team. By coming together and deciding what we all want to do, as Friends.

      I wish everyone the best, and for a bright future for Sod.
      I have a dream of a life more Ideal..
      Aslong as its not in the way of our zps servers its fine with me.

      To call it "old" and "outdated" would be strange since this game has been this for a long time already, despite is continuing to play it.

      Might try warframe as SoD, but im staying with mainly zps and MC for now
      Zps is a great game it sure still is but yeah like it was said, it's old game but not outdated there are still tons of people playing not just in SoD servers and to say fungrades got old and it was fun but fun things expire and i think that it was too late to revive the game, i know the devs are working hard on the game right now but on my own opinion it was too late, they revived it when most of the ZPS community left ain't saying they should stop instead if they keep going then it might revive zps again but yes the game is still old and it's the heart of this community or it was the reason why the game was successful for this community is it's free to play, you can mod in it, easy control system, and not so complicated interactive system in the other hand warframe might work for some but it doesn't have has easy control system and interactive has zps has some people will move tk warframe or maybe try it i personality to say won't do but i will ofc still lurk around here and see what brings this old community at hand. Impressed that it lasted this long and i hope it still does but for me i made my mind and won't come back into it but like i said i will lurk around and still of course talk to you guys and help if needed. Anyway this is my personal opinion about the current situation (goodluck also sorry for my grammar mistakes if there is any, i just woke up :) cheap excuse)
      If you dont like your destiny
      dont accept it.

      instead have the courage
      to change it
      the way you want it
      to be!
      In my case, i have gotten a job. Which really sucks up most of my energy right now, and when i get home i just want play a relaxing sandbox game, like minecraft (or 7dtd when they decide to release that new update). Mostly because these are the type of games im actually good at also ;p
      I have kinda grown out of competitive/pvp games in general. I tried warframe for some time and got to the early mid stage. But meh, it just became boring to me after that and i stopped playing it.

      I mean, Fungrades 2.0 was not bad or anything like that at all. I think it was a really good daring move. And i can't help but to blame myself for not playing it as much as i should have done. But i don't like to make games into a chore. If i feel like playing something ill play it, and when the lust goes away i simply stop. I rarely keep grinding.
      And that is why i like sandbox/singleplayer games, because i can put em up on the shelf for a week or two and then come back without having lost progress or fallen behind too much.

      We are not a bunch of very like minded people tho. It is as was said, zps was more or less the only thing we all had in common, outside of that close to nothing. Which sure, it can work of course! I mean, its like getting into a random chat group on some app. That group is all you have in common, but it still makes ya really get along (most of the time). But once that chat/game starts to become silent, people just stop caring and select a few others out of it to keep in touch with.

      Trying to keep this dead horse alive isn't really gaining any of us anything. It would be better to split up honestly and move on, whilst still keeping Sod as a common ground. Like, have it as a free floating community with "Sections" instead of a "locked" one directed at one certain game only. Those who want to go and create sisterclans/groups based of on sod in other games should just go and do it. And if ya want to become part of another part of sod, then you just become active there also. All this whilst still having the main sod hosting servers and whatnot for the games that we really want and using it as way to keep contact with old members/other groups!

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      I think that is a good point, we all have/had that one common ground of zps, but outside of that, we play very different games as a whole. I have tried several times, and i know I've stated this several times in other posts in the past, but we just don't have the dedicated player base to move into games like Garrys mod, public CS GO servers etc etc, we've tried enough times to know. Games like Warframe as an example is a good shout. Those type of games only need a few people to get started is always a good place to start, as it can only grow over time.

      But again, Anyone that would like to get a game rolling that requires a server for it, just ask. Like pret does for Minecraft, it does not take long to setup servers and will always be happy to host them. We have a very powerful dedicated server waiting for new servers to host.

      I myself generally play league. So if anyone is up for a game of league, just spam me ;> I will also probably be playing the new CoD or preferable the new Battlefield game when it comes out too ( mainly BR ofc ). I think getting together in these type of games that do not need the numbers to succeed is the best course to take.
      I just started my studies in university of applied sciences, no time, but everything new is worth a try!

      In my point of view, problem isn't people moving on and game getting old. I have noticed a lot of trouble on servers and community behavior.
      SoD servers doesn't attract people anymore, it's also caused by how our members talk/treat the newbies. I tried to talk to people and tell what's wrong, but no one can see it the way those people do who are new.
      I think, by adding a game it will still be the same. Like illness, u can't cure it fully without taking care of the thing causing it. U can see the symptom, u can cover it/treat it, but u have to find the reason to get rid of the actual burden.
      After head shotting all the kids with my magnum. I decided to give my magnum to phone. I got a full time job at the beginning of September. I work for a company call Curries Pc world. Right now I'm in the warehouse but that suits me for now. After a year or two I'll be transitioning into sales. I have no time for games at all maybe a day or two. But I'm changing my life to make myself more happier, more content. Having more games for the community would change this sexy clan significantly. Zps brought most of us here but that game is dead compared to popular games. Become a fortnite community. Ez clap 123

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