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Less slack, more smack. Justice hammer needs to smash harder and more frequently.

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      Less slack, more smack. Justice hammer needs to smash harder and more frequently.

      So, yesterday, very late in the night, there were a few players in the EU3 server in which we were mostly regular members or admins, and after discussing some topics and an issue that we have in the server, I feel like something has to be made.
      It's not new that players are geting tired of seeing the same people breaking the rules and ruining the fun for everyone who plays, and setting bad examples to the new players that join the game for the first time and/or the server.

      I'm gonna be brief with this post, but direct.

      Admins are doing their job when they can, but I think there's some things that have to change.
      I'll give an example: We're playing in Redqueen, 1 person is spawn camping and spawn killing, he should get warned 1 time, and a 2nd if he persists.
      If there's a 3rd time, wheter he's just passing trought a zombie spawn and shooting zombies for other reason than defending himself, it's a slay. If he stays behind in purpose to catch the zombies leaving the spawn, the same treatment.
      Untill now, this is being done.

      Problem: I see some people obey the admin in the moment they get warned, even with regular members, just untill the map changes, or untill the person leaves and connects again later in the day or in the next day, they are stubborn and keep repeating.
      If the same person is seen spawn killing in another occasion ( wheter it's a new map, or a new day ), he shouldn't get warned again, it's a direct kick or a 15 min ban because they should know the rules by the time they got warned, and so if they persist they must get an heavier punishment.
      There should be no favouritism or sympathy for anyone, wheter it's a SOD member or a regular member like me, or someone you just get along with, when it comes to breaking rules and affecting the gameplay for everyone, punishment must be done.

      SOD servers are overall being affected by these persons, we can't have nicer maps like the classic church or lake or cabin maps because of the spawn campers, spawn killers, and people setting bad example for newer players.
      I see in the church map that we currently have that in the 1st round, there's 1 person in the generator geting alot of kills by spawn killing, the new players who see this happening think it's normal and so in the next round they will do the same thing. I've seen it, you probably have seen it, it needs to be taken cared of.

      I say no mercy for the people who keep breaking rules on a daily basis, I'm definetly against perma ban as a solution in this case, but a short time ban might make them think twice about breaking rules, knowing that the admins are watching him and there will be no more slack.

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      If you see people who get warned spawnkill again after the admins leave the server. Please make a screen/video or at least mention this person in the Member discord/steam chat. It will make it easier to keep tabs on the offenders and also easier to go for harsher punishments when they keep breaking rules
      Maybe the staff need to make some notes? Since I have seen a couple of staff warning the same guy over and over again (back then, "Black Niggan", who was mostly known for griefing and being racist) and the guy kept on breaking after the staff left on the server. Yet, the guy didn't receive any punishments other than leaving as a zombie by the automatic system.

      I know, we could also report them, but this is just a suggestion.

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      "Black niggan" is just an example, there are more. In his case it took a bit for him to get banned because he wasn't a regular player in SoD servers and he wouldn't always misbehave, but he wouldn't learn from his mistakes after being warned. These players must be reported from admin to admin so an eye is kept on them. SoD members can participate as well in reporting to the admins in cases like these since they're part of the community.
      We do keep track in our own channel. But so far i rarely see members report these issues.

      Again, If an admin is not on the server:

      1. Call for an admin

      2. Make a video or screenshot (preferably video)

      3. Send evidence to an admin

      So far we've had only 1 or 2 cases where someone actually came up and sent evidence over steam/discord.

      If we are going to ban hard and frequently without evidence to back it up then our servers will be dead soon enough.
      First of all that's a good text. I agree on it and the staff actually has been more strict in past, until... ZPS started to die last year around this time. Servers have been empty (and I remember me and/or Leo usually sat hours everyday afk on server just to gather a player base of 10 people max, sometimes we were so lucky we got 16 people or rarely even full for one map), just because we punished everyone and SoD was known as the "fags, who ban everyone and ruin fun" (the time I usually spend on our servers now, I used to spend in other servers, a lot on the perksmod server aswell so I heard many opinions). We simply had no choice, than to adjust the punishment to a lower level, so people actually join the server and play and fortunately we finally have built a somewhat of a regular player base (probably thanks to 3.0). At this point it is probably time to go back to the old punishment behaviour and sort out the people, who don't suit in or force them to respect the rules. Which I recently started. There was mentioned something about SoD member or not as rulebreaker, that should actually be obvious and I treated it like this in past anyway.

      Another aspect about active admins, yes pret already explained it, if there is no proof, we can't punish people, even I collect proof. Some people don't like it, but sadly this is the way it's done. People been asking for active admins and I can tell you right off: I don't see even a single person currently suiting for an admins role promotion (whether it's due to trust issues, lack of activity or simple personality unsuited for this job), I would like to have more active admins, but few current aren't that active anymore (of which a few have been sorted out and next will follow, if they stop showing up and doing their job). And so we are stuck in this current situation. Barking for "I want admin" is definitely not the way to earn it.

      ji yu feng mao wrote:

      i totally agree BUT what the other said is true +if we punish many people (on a large scale) we could...sometimes..you know,punish people that don't deserve being punish?like i know it's rare but keep that in mind,it happens .

      We're talking about kicking them from the game or banning for short periods of time when they do misbehave / break rules so that they start respecting them and everyone else can enjoy the game.
      And someone only get's banned when:
      1. There's an admin in the server in the moment the offense was made, who they believe it's the right thing to do.
      2. With the right proof / evidence reported by someone to an admin.

      This is not so much about the people breaking the rules, but the people affected by the one's who break the rules and affect the server, which results on having less nicer maps on the rotation because of the spawn killing capability. Maps that could eventually entice more people to the server.

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