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Let's talk about Fungrades 2.0 nerf/buff/fix/ideas current tree skills

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      Let's talk about Fungrades 2.0 nerf/buff/fix/ideas current tree skills

      Hello guys let's help our god Joux with current problematic in new Fungrades what is working what not.

      Last 5 days i played a couple hours and change my skills many times. Now i am gonna tell you what i think need fix / nerf / buff

      - Current situation is base in zombie mutation and infection rate (because exist long arms this is so strong thing). There is no protect against it and little protection from Leather Armour is not enough (from my experience not working property), good thing can be 2% (from 3%)

      - Rifle and Pistol ammo is so slow for regen ammo for lv 10, current situation everyone use just shotguns and magnum.
      - Increase pushback (current situation work always when zombie jump) 10% for lv 10 is so low almost nothink happend from experience
      - Fitness need atlast boost stats for 10% (from 5%) i tried and almost not always working (fix)

      - Dead skin ( Reduce incoming damage ) i feel its not working well, from my experience when i had 200 - 280 hp and had Dead skin on lv 10 and with passive (atlast 10-20stacks) i was always killed be one hit with magnum or shotgun its almost 30-40 % reduce damage so if someone hit me with magnum for 250+ damage it must be reduced for -75 - 100 atlast. This thing need check
      - I am maybe best unlucky guy ever but still if i had chance become whitey 40% on lv 10 still not working for me better chance from RTD
      - HITBOX for zombies i am not sure but survivors somehow always kill me so fast as zombie with 350+ hp and damage reduction (also experience when zombie is jumping damage is extreme reduced)
      - Recover tried lv 5 and if i deal a lot of damage heal is not coming for me after 10sec
      - I dont know why but always when i had stats for assasin speed for max and passive stacks atlast 10 times . . ., human was always faster and it's so hard hit someone. (i am not user long arms :( . . .)

      IDEAS (for future)
      - Starting melee and weapon, experience use current gun or melee ( so people who unlock this perk can hold and use this weapon, or can carry as second main weapon) i saw a lot of players play with second main weapons when others played just with pistols.
      - ADD information into chat about zombies passive for example ( your current passive stats are 10% bonus speed and 40 bonus HP ...

      (passive shotgun damage boosted by 10%)
      Pick up medkids ... give you extra HP bonus for short period
      1/15 LV (unlock) Medicine creator / Infection protection

      Medicines creator (+5)
      Chance spawn small medicine in inventrory or near player
      (unlock Medic)

      Chance spawn as medic per game not pernament for whole game
      3% per lv ( 1/10)

      Infection protection (+5)
      Near player is infection reduced
      (unlock Cure)

      Player can see infected players and can try cure them
      1-3 LV (1 CURE)
      4-7 LV (2 CURE)
      8-10 (3 CURE)

      per lv chance cure player is 3-5%

      (Passive you can hold ammo in storage without speed punish)
      - Explosive damage is Increase by 5% each lv
      1/15 unlock (lucky hand/ bag)

      Lucky hand (+5)
      Chance find from every typ of ammo bonus ammo
      1/10 (every lv 5% , 1-5 bullets)
      (unlock extend magazine)

      Extend magazine
      (expand your magazine capacity work just for pistols, rifle)
      each LV +1 pistol / +3 rifle

      BAG (+5)
      Increase your bag capacity for extra ammo
      1/2 weight per lv
      (unlock Milliatry bag)

      Milliatry bag
      Chance spawn with granates
      lv 1-4 (2 granate)
      lv 5-7 (4 granates)
      lv 8-10 (6 granates)

      Stalker (zombie tree perk)
      (Passive Increase lunge +1% per death)
      Extra speed when you use lunge 1.5% for each lv
      1/15 (unlock Fear / blood path)

      Fear (+5)
      If you hit human he can't for next 10sec use PANIC button
      1/10 (unlock Panic FEAR) 3% chance per lv

      Panic FEAR
      If you hit human he drop every weapon he hold
      1/10 , 2% chance per lv

      Blood path (+5)
      If zombie hit human, there is chance he can see his moments for 20-30sec
      1/10 (unlock stalker claws) 5-10% chance per lv)

      Stalker claws
      Damage is Increase when you hit human from behind
      damage Increase per lv by 3-5

      I agree that things need to be changed. Having a zombie that runs like a bugatti needs to be nerfed. New players will be like what is this, is that a speed hacker? Just imagine everyone investing into the speed boost perk. It wouldn't be zps in my opinion. I think we need new players to be interested and not leave and never come back after they played a round or two. I'm sure everyone can bring their thoughts together to make it more balanced and fun. I have an idea to start all new people at level 15 or level 20. Give them a taste of the server and make a build so they don't feel useless. I think it will make more people interested and hopefully make them stay. Great ideas by the way zabi :thumbsup:

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      Thanks, i appreciate all input from the mod and want more people to speak up with how they feel. But please remember it has been out half a week, and i have been non stop making minor changes and working to balance everything in the mod. The main work is currently fixing the bugs. Although honestly, we are almost done.

      I will update the patch log in a sec as i have already made changes noted in this post.

      Infection and mutation and leather armour has been changed, as it was far too strong ( Mutation disabled leather armour ) and made infection far too strong.

      Ammo regen has been slightly reworked and you should notice slightly more rifle and pistol ammo.

      Pushback is strong and is also damage based which makes all guns even stronger in my opinion ( as this is one i had maxed on one of the days testing ) Revolvers and Shotguns will pack a punch more, whilst rifles will slow for the duration of shooting.

      Fitness works, the code used is too simple for it to be an issue, i will decide if it needs slightly increasing within the next couple of days.

      Deadskin works and tested again this evening.

      Whitey is being changed in the mod so this may be irrelevant. Once you get whitey, you will remain whitey. but the chance has been lowered again ( this is mainly to tackle the mass timeouts we have had )

      Recover has now been fully fixed.

      Passive Speed works too.

      I will add a menu , or some kind of indication of the current passive strength for zombies ( and survivors ). So you know what buffs you have active, and how strong they are.
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