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Fungrades 2.0 - ChangeLog

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    Fungrades 2.0 - ChangeLog


    Energy 2% > 3% per level
    >> Small buff to this upgrade, as it only lasts for 10 seconds.

    Clip/Ammo regen slightly buffed for pistol & rifle.
    >> Current state is a little too weak for rifles

    Spawn Health now grants 4 hp ( from 3 hp ) per level
    >> Needed to buff hp for both Warlock and Marauder.

    Starting Health now grants 3 hp ( from 2 hp ) per level
    >> Needed to buff hp for both Warlock and Marauder.

    Pain health now 80 from 50
    Speed now 1.5% per level from 1%
    >> Current per level was not strong enough.

    Whitey now 4% chance per level ( From 1% )
    >> This upgrade was useless to upgrade for only 10% chance @ max.

    Stronger passive now grants 4 hp per death, from 3
    Faster/Harder/Better passives now grant 2% ( from 1% ) per death.

    Added - Anti Spawn Camping.
    > Within the first 3 second of a zombie spawning, humans will now take damage back. Further changes to anti spawn camping will be added, this is a bare-bone addition to attempt to prevent it less.

    Reset is now free up to level 30 ( from 20 ).
    Costs 10 tokens max. after level 40 it will always be 10 tokens.

    Experience gain has been massively boosted from all sources.

    RTD Fragments are now saved.
    >> !fragment !fragments


    Recover ( Fully Fixed ) - Also now grants 4% per level.

    Leather Armour - Resistant to Mutation ( Will not be disabled ). 3% > 2% per level

    Clip Regen - Reworked the code a little which makes earlier levels more worthwhile. Also gives another little boost to pistol and rifle.

    Mutation - no longer disables leather armour.
    Infection - 3% > 2% per level.

    Whitey > 4% to 1.5% per level - This has now been reworked ( and also to prevent less client crashes ). And not sure if it is a Buff or a Nerf. Becoming whitey is now permanent for that round.

    As the zombie passives work differently to survivors, they need a cap. The plan for passives on zombies were to make zombies stronger as the round goes on. Mainly to boost the starting zombies if they have a bad start, whilst at the same time, not to be overpowering mid-late game. Faster was initially 20% on release, which i know some people had ... fun with.
    Stronger - Caps at 80 health increase.
    Faster - Caps at 10% speed increase.
    Harder - Caps at 20% damage reduction.
    Better - Caps at 20% damage increase.


    Small feature update.

    New players will now have several other in-game tips show in chat ( like the adverts ) which will also inform players more about experience and levelling. This also informs them if they have any free upgrade points free.

    Command Added : !info ( Aliases !passive !passives !stats ) - This now shows you your level and experience without joining the round. It also provides you with current passives, and also how strong they are during the current round ( Mainly to check the current strength of the zombie passives ).

    (Warlock) Mutation
    - Mutation duration reduced to 4 seconds ( from 5 ). 3% -> 2% per level
    >> as mutation is one of the most effective upgrades in terms of what it does, at level 10, 30% per hit was too much
    >> a quick note about how mutation works on upgrades such as as Hazard. Mutation will pause the effect of hazard, and once the mutation ends, hazard will resume ( with its full duration ).
    (Warlock) Spawn Health
    >> Now correctly applies as starting health only ( This was set as max health temporarily while i worked on a fix )

    (Survivor) Fast Reload - Inbuilt cool-down reduced between reloads. 5% -> 6% per level
    >> For an upgrade that has a single chance ( due to the inbuilt cool-down ) all upgraded levels need to be slightly better.

    (Specialist) Chilling Ammo
    >> Zombies now turn blue whilst slowed!

    Starting upgrade points 2 -> 5
    >> The mod was built to make different builds, mixing and matching skill trees and their upgrades.
    >> New players need to experience this earlier, and also compete with higher leveled players a lot faster than other systems built, whilst at the same time making higher levels worth getting.

    After level 20. You now gain a token per level.

    Passives can now be unlocked with 35 total levels spent (from 40) in a skill tree. This means you 'could' max out a single branch, along with the initial skill tree upgrade, to unlock a passive.

    Tokens that would have been gained from level 20 have been given out. Additional upgrade points have also been given out to match the new starting upgrade points.

    Passive Fitness 5% -> 7.5%

    Agility (Recover) added chat message to show health recovered after 10 seconds.

    Agility (Energy) 2% -> 3% per level & 10 -> 15 second duration

    Tailor Passive Power 4 -> 3 health per kill
    >> Added Assists now grant 1 health per kill

    Warlock (Blood Lust) range has been increased - 2 -> 3 hp per level.
    > Needed a buff as this upgrade does not apply to yourself.

    Warlock (Health Regeneration) - 1 -> 2 hp per level
    > also needed a buff to make having the upgrade worthwhile in a brawl.

    RTD Fragments > Will now internally re roll the random fragment given if you already have it. This will help slightly in preventing duplicates and obtaining the event outcome more often ;)

    Agility Passive Fitness 7.5% -> 10% ( Out of Combat time activation from 6 -> 5 seconds )
    > Giving survivors a small speed buff this patch, for those that choose the Agility skill tree.

    Survivor Passive HeadHunter 5% -> 10%
    > This is to slightly counter the new upgrades from Bruiser. Again, for those players who choose the Survivor skill tree.

    Survivor (Fast Reload) 6% -> 8% per level
    > Needed to be increased again. To almost be 100% at max level, and worth upgrading.

    Specialist (Chilling Ammo) & (Explosive Ammo) 4 -> 5% per level
    > The low chance, even at max level did not feel great. Therefor have slightly increased this chance to feel a little better.

    Zed (Whitey) 1.5% -> 1% per level
    > After only a few spawns, most people would have whitey which was proving to be too strong for what the whitey stats provide, along with the zombie passives.

    Medic now heals slightly faster, and also has an increased infection cure chance.

    RTD VIP Cooldown Reduced 9 -> 8 Minutes ( 10 Minutes Normal )

    Member EXP Bonus Added ( 10% ) from all sources ( Already active in the current build )

    Experience gain from all sources have been slightly increased ( ~10% ), allowing faster & complex build variations.

    New Skill Trees

    [ Guardian ]

    > Health -
    Increases maximum health.

    >> Armadillo -
    Your first hit against you deals reduced damage.
    >>> Panic -
    Increases panic speed.

    >> Impair -
    On-Hit : Reduce targets damage.
    >>> Kill Shot -
    Last bullet deals additional Damage.

    Passive - Rejuvenate : Gain health regeneration whilst out of combat.

    [ Bruiser ]

    > Absorb - Receive less damage whilst under 100 health

    >> Isolation - Receive less damage from isolated targets.
    >>> Resist - Reduce the effectiveness of movement impairing effects.

    >> Iron Head - Receive less damage from head-shots.
    >>> Lunge - Increased speed whilst lunging.

    Passive - Contagious : Increase infection rate per death.

    A full explanation on the new skill trees will be added to the Documentation shortly.

    Patch will go live this evening ( 5-6 hours from this post ).


    Guardian (Health) 2 -> 3
    Guardian (Armadillo) 5 -> 8

    Bruiser (Isolation) 2 -> 3
    Zed (Artery) 25% -> 30%

    Specialist Blade : 30% -> 35%

    Warlock Stronger : 4 -> 5 Health per Death
    Zed Better : Cap 30 -> 20

    RTD Speed 15% -> 20%

    Increased the chance of getting the Chance reward, over the Hope reward. Increased the maximum 'chance' rewards give when won (2-3 -> 2-4).
    Slightly increased the chance of getting Mythical and Legendary rewards and also increased all experience gain.

    New command !autopanic <value> ( alias !setpanic )
    > When health is brought below the amount set, you will automatically panic.
    > Example !autopanic 50 ( if my health ever hits below 50, i will automatically panic )
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