Mid-Year Update 2018

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    Mid-Year Update 2018

    It is time for another community update!

    So for those that do follow our DevLog you will have noticed a lot of additions and changes have been happening to the new PointSystem ( we do need a better name.. suggestions anyone? ).
    Over the last couple of weeks, a lot of QOL Additions have been added, and various testing has been done on all 44 upgrades with the new 3.X ZPS System. Several upgrades have been changed completely, and some have been changed in their effectiveness per level. It is still all underway, and several other parts, like the RTD system and the returning multikill sounds all need testing, to make sure they work as best as possible when it is released. What I can say is that the mod is complete in terms of the current features i am including for release. What i cannot say is when. If all further upgrades that i need to test in-game work when testing, then we will be looking towards this time next week. If i encounter issues that require further fixing and changing, then it may drag over to the week after next. But all in all, we are looking to release it this month.

    But what about my points in EU3?

    Well, you will be pleased to know that Total points made from EU3 will be converted into Experience. This means for many of you, you will have a well earned head start. We have not done this between systems before, but i have made the decision to do so since we have only had EU3 running for a few months ( which was our placeholder mod ) while we, or rather while xerox worked on adding all of our hooks and functions back within sourcemod, ( and in-fact, a lot more than we had in 2.4 ) to allow us to create a system with a-lot more content.

    I will be creating a guide for the new system once it has been completed, which will go into as much depth as possible explaining it. I am trying to focus on in-game content to make it as simple as possible to understand for newer players that will be joining, and generally just adding as much helpful content, such as hud information, and text information on how to use the system. The upgrades are fully explained in this mod too, so you will know in game exactly what they do, and i have even added how effective each upgrade is, as you upgrade it ( which should be a very useful feature for all players ).

    But what is the new system?
    I Made a web page a while back explaining how it works, which i have linked a few times now. But for the newer forum lurkers and members, they can be found here for Survivor and Zombie Please note! these pages are not fully up-to-date and several upgrades have been changed, they also do not include the passives each class receives. But it gives you an idea on how the upgrades work, and when each upgrade can be upgraded ( by having level 5 upgrade in the previous upgrade ).

    Community Changes
    Over the last few weeks, myself and Cody have been making changes to the Member structure and will now look to update the member list more frequently, based on member activity. If a member becomes inactive for more than a month, without an inactivity report, we will now be moving them to the inactive member list section. This is mainly to keep everyone in the loop of which admins and members are currently active. This includes activity on the Forum/Discord/Game servers. So please, please remember to report any extended duration so everyone knows!

    Onto some bigger news with the Community. As you all know, Cody is currently our only active Community Manager, and whilst i have temporarily stepped in to do as much as i can to help and assist, there is only so much i can do whilst working on server..stuff! Therefore, due to the continued support and assistance, even behind the scenes, i and am more than pleased to announce that Lion ( [☎] ) will be joining our Community Management team! Therefore, any issues with the Admins or Members and generally anything community related, you can now also contact Lion for assistance. We do have some other plans in mind and changes to Head Admins and Game Admins and will announce them within the new few weeks, if not sooner.

    For any questions regarding .. well anything, please post away!
    Well there goes my shiny orange tag. But for real though thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the high nubs team I really appreciate that and I'll try my best on this position. I'm looking forward on what's coming in future and would like help out whereever I can. As Joux already mentioned above please don't hesitate to contact me on any kinds of issues (whether community (members admins, applications), server related stuff (rpg, bugs, etc) or any other problem or concern) and I'll try to resolve the issues or redirect them to the next best person. I'd like to say thanks and let's go I guess. ;>
    Also for the name how about Jouxperience mod [JXP]?

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