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Sticky Soldiers of Demise - Server Rules [16/04/2018]

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      Soldiers of Demise - Server Rules [16/04/2018]

      For all rules, unless stated otherwise, you will be warned and made fully aware if you manage to break a rule and will never be banned without a fair warning / explanation. If you continue to ignore our rules and admins, it will result in temporary ban. Repeat offences also lead to a more permanent solution. We have a strict policy for a reason, and want to make the Forum and Server a fun and friendly environment for all.

      1a. Do not use Racial Slurs or Racist Names. ( Updated )
      1b. Intentional & Targeted Racism towards another individual is completely forbidden and will result in an immediate Ban. ( Updated )

      2a. Do not use Excessive Foul Language.
      2b. Targeted Aggression & Harassment & Foul Language towards other players will result in a heavier punishment. ( Updated )

      3. Rejoining to avoid In-Game admin punishments is not allowed. Avoiding an in-game punishment, such as a Gag/Mute will grant you an instant ban.

      4. Respect an admins decision, we are here to enforce rules and maintain a friendly environment.

      5a. Using glitches and exploiting game/map issues&bugs is forbidden.
      5b. Using game or map features to grief other survivors and zombies ( such as using yourself to block doors & closing doors against other teammates ) Is not allowed.

      6. Pretending to be and Admin/Member is not allowed.

      7a. Don't scream or spam random garbage into the Microphone.
      7b. Only English is allowed when using the microphone.

      8a. Do not Spam the chat.
      8b. Do not Spam human voice commands.

      9. Spawn-camping & Spawn-killing is forbidden. Passing a spawn on an Objective map is our only exception. ( Updated )

      10a. Survivors & Zombies must attempt to complete the current objective when possible. ( Updated )
      10b. Camping and Ignoring objectives when it is possible to do so, is not allowed. ( Updated )

      11a. Rejoining/Leaving as a Starting Zombie, a turned zombie ( from infection ), or having just been killed as a survivor, is strictly forbidden. This alone ruins the game for all players. Our system will punish accordingly, however, repeat offenses & abuse of our system will result in a heavier punishment. ( Updated )
      11b. Being AFK as a zombie is forbidden.

      12. No intentional team-killing.

      13. Share your weapons! When weapons are limited, do not pickup and hold multiple Primary weapons.

      14. Begging for in-game Points ( Currently specific to EU3 ) is not allowed.

      15. Do not ghost players, or call out infected survivors ( other than if you are a survivor ). ( Updated )

      16. Don't tell admins how to do their job.

      - Please note, we fully trust all of our admins and will punish accordingly. Breaking rule 1b will result in an immediate ban.
      - If you have a query with any decision made from one of our admins, please contact one of our Community Managers for further assistance.
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