New Feature - Keys & Crates

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    New Feature - Keys & Crates

    Keys & Crates

    Over Christmas i designed a key and crate system which i initially made use for the 2017 Xmas Game Giveaway.

    The original plan for this system was to turn SoD into EA Games give everyone the chance to win different and unique rewards in-game and also Monthly Game giveaways. Some of you will have already noticed i have added the drop system already in game ( as of late evening yesterday ) for EU3, which will also be added to EU1 & 2. For the time you play in the server, you will be rewarded with a random drop, which will be either contain key or one of two ( soon to be three ) crates, everyone will receive these drops.

    The Skin crate currently consists of 2 rare/unique skins that can only be obtained through the VIP Web Interface System, more will be added over time for skins that can be bought in game, for a chance to win them instead. This is a work-in-progress and will not be available just yet ( hopefully within the week ).
    The second crate is the VIP Crate, in which you can win more Keys, Crates, Premium Points, VIP Days and Tokens. Tokens will also have a use again ( as my poor jouxbox is disabled in 3.0 currently ;< ) to be used to buy keys & crates in-game. ( Tokens obtained from donating will also be added as well ).

    The last crate in which i will be adding eventually will be the Game Crate, but i will explain more on this one at a later stage.

    Therefore while i work on the Web Interface, go get collecting your Keys & Crates ;) !

    Looks good Uncle Joux but will we also be able to use that earned stuff on eu1 and 2 and if yes what will be the benefit there (instead of double points for rpg, double points for the normal ranking?)? Also will we get our tokens back we had before?
    The vip system / token database .. what ever you call it, was not reset or changed, nor will it ever. Any pp/tokens you had will still be in your account. The plan is to enable skins on EU1 & 2 .. but i have not fully decided yet, i am leaning towards creating a voting system so the regulars on cabin, and hopefully soon vanilla, can decide if they want to see custom skins on those servers.
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