Announcement ZPS Upgrades - Reloaded 3.0

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      ZPS Upgrades - Reloaded 3.0

      ZPS Upgrades - Reloaded 3.0

      After a looooooooong wait, we have finally created an upgrade system for the new ZPS 3.0 version!

      As most of you know ( as i have mentioned it enough times already ) ZPS 3.0 had little to no support for custom content. Basic functions to read data was a challenge, even through the new angel script support which ZPS 3.0 included. However, the recent patch 3.0.7 finally allowed us to use sourcemod in all its glory. Speaking in basic terms, the update allowed us to access the core functions within the game, such as changing health/max health , speed, damage, infection rates per player and so on. With this change, we will also be converting many of our previous mods to work with our servers such as the VIP System, and will also allow us to finally continue work on other systems an additions to our servers.

      Although we had plans for our other system to go live ( The point system mod / Fungrades 2.0 ), we have made the decision to fully rework and publish Sammys Classic upgrade system to our server list. XeroX has completely recreated the mod from a decompiled version of the mod we used back in 08/09, i think it broke a few versions before 2.4. But was the sole reason i learnt sourcemod to create fungrades a few months later ;)


      But, cutting my introduction short, i am pleased to announce our newest upgrade system ZPSUpgrades - Reloaded.

      ZPSUpgrades Reloaded has 7 core upgrades.
      Speed, Damage, Health, Infections & Pushback affect Both teams. Armour & Ammo Regen = Human Only.
      Points are earned from a Team Effort only.

      The upgrades are as follows and all have no level cap, they just get very expensive;

      Ammo Regen

      This upgrade system was made as close as possible to the original mod, which means, it is very unbalanced. What does this mean? well, Upgrading will be VERY rewarding compared the changes made within JXMOD and some other previous systems that our community has gone through. Using JXMOD As an example, upgrading previously became less effective per upgrade. But regardless of suggestions made to me this time, upgrades will upgrade equally per upgrade and untouched.

      Once live, the Mod will be hosted on a 3rd server ( You guessed it, EU3 ) and will not run the stats system.


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