Sticky Rank & Stats System - Update Log

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    Rank & Stats System - Update Log

    11th Nov -Release

    12th Nov
    > You will now have 4 chances to win 2 games whilst in the Bronze League.
    > Fixed in-chat game text showing green text incorrectly.
    > Leaving the server no longer counts as a loss.
    > Losing Promotion games now only count if you are a starting Zombie/Survivor. ( This was working correctly for winning a promotion game, you cannot win a promo game if you join late )

    13th Nov
    > Reverted to 3 chances for the Bronze league. Bronze, Silver, Gold now will received a free win if they failed their last promotion series.

    18th Nov
    > Added target to !stats and !rank ( !stats Joux )

    04th Dec
    > You name will now update to your latest on the stats website.

    7th March
    > Master tier now ranks via Skill Rating ( which was the original plan ) - more updates to follow. The master tier will soon work more like a traditional ranking system based on player performance. The system currently works this way, but improvements are still needed for players to understand it this way.

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