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      Well the question is which version. I mean not all mods which give alot utility are updated to the latest version or are still supported.

      Did you ever the hear the tragedy of Angela Ziegler the wise ?
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      I thought not. It's not a story the
      Blizzard Devs would tell you. It's an Overwatch legend.
      Angela Ziegler was the main healer of Overwatch, so powerful and so skilled she could use her rapid healing to influence the human body to create life...
      She had such a knowledge of healing that she could even keep the ones she cared about from dying.
      The Zürich PHD is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
      She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power, which eventually, of course, she did.
      Unfortunately, she taught Jeff Kaplan everything she knew, then her developers nerfed her in her sleep.
      Ironic, she could save others from death, but not herself.
      For now lets stick with 1.7.10 since that is apparently the most modded version of the game.
      Also i'd like to just point out that while many mods are really awesome and have cool content (such as Orespawn and the Godzilla mod), keep in mind that some mods are overpowered, these two being some of them. Now i'm not saying we should blacklist mobs like that, more like be "careful".

      While it takes time to get the overpowered items such as the "royal guardian sword", once you have it you have a sword that deals 750 damage, hence kinda rendering all other weapons mods add kinda weak. Just what i feel tho, i'd still love to see the Orespawn mod since it's one of my favorites out there.

      Magical crops
      minecraft.curseforge.com/proje…gical-crops/files/2236937 (Mod download for 1.7.10)
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