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Terraria / Minecraft Thread

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      I have never played Terraria, man i don't even know what it looks like (proceeds to go to google as i am writing this).
      So i do not have any comments on it really.

      Minecraft on the other hand, is something i have enjoyed since early times, and is actually one of my favorite voxel games (out of the few good ones to pick from), but also one of my favorite games in general. Sure people say the game is for kids, and yeah it is. But the way you can create things in it is has always drawn my attention in.
      Not to mention the insane mods, commands, servers and minigames there are in minecraft. And combining these mods and commands into giant mod-packs just....it's almost as a new game sometimes.

      But yeah, both games are good to enjoy with friends, at least i got that part ;>
      I never played terraria but minecraft mate......that is the only game where i allow myself to be evil towards every stranger xD yea i pretty much failed a grade 50% because of minecraft....and u know what, was worth it (my class was full of asssholes anyway) i think i have over 800 hours on minecraft, and im not agzinst playing it time to time so hook me up if you need someone in a pvp faction server
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