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A14 talk and updates

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      A14 talk and updates

      Hey People,

      Due to some reallife stuff I haven't yet taken the time to make a thread regarding A14.
      Many updates, hotfixes and hothotfixes have been released by now for this build, but even so it is the least-buggiest so far.
      Currently some people are experiencing instant-crashes. This is most likely a unity-related bug, and should be fixed with A14.6.
      The blackscreen bug, which is triggered by removing someone's bed, is still unsolved. I'm working on finding a fix for this. [fixed].

      The server also has a new IP adres. You can now find us at on port 26900.

      Btw, enjoy this new video.
      /人 ‿‿ 人\ Wanna make a contract?

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      Well gotta agree with you on that. But with this update came many game breaking bugs and errors. One such as the problem with EAC that i am currently having (Prevents me from launching game with EasyAntiCheat enabled, tried the fix they gave "us". Did not work)

      But with the patches they have indeed managed to fix most of em.
      Heard that A15 will have npc btw?
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