Dedicated Move / New SoD Games

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    Dedicated Move / New SoD Games

    Dedicated Server
    Due to the increased crashes recently, and server performance problems I have had, I have switched back to my previous dedicated server host. The data loss we had was also down to the performance issue / crashing of the virtual servers that I run for each part of our community. The move has already been done, and hopefully you all have noticed better forum performance and hopefully more stable zps servers over the past week.

    Garry's Mod
    Now that we have the hardware performance back, we are looking into hosting stable GMOD Servers, which xerox is currently configuring and testing. I hope to get these up and running within a couple of weeks and will post an announcement once running. We will more than likely start with a TTT Server to begin with, as from previously playing the game mode; I know it is rather fun regardless of the numbers playing. I also think having our own prop hunt server would be good fun too, but will decide after the TTT server is running smoothly.

    Mike is now currently correcting and setting up the 7days2die server once more now that we have the performance back, and i am sure he will get it running in a stable condition in the next couple of days. In the meantime, go nag him until it is working :thumbup:

    Killing Floor 2
    I will also be putting the killing floor servers back up permanently this week with their new ip addresses and hopefully we can get a community session one day in the near future. They were also offline due to the performance issues.

    And finally, with the idea of always expanding our community into other games, I am finally announcing our new dedicated RUST server. I have run a rust server in the past, but unfortunately the player base never took off. However, over the last couple of weeks, I have (with help from a couple of friends) started up a successful rust server. As the player base in rust is rather huge, like gmod, it would be a good game to add to our game list. The rust server has been maxed out with a staggering 150 players over the entire bank holiday weekend, with 50 players + in non-peak times. I will be posting full information about the server in the new RUST forum on our site soon.
    Server Information >
    Current Server Map > Ma…| (

    Now for anyone who would like to play one of the games above, that do not currently have the game, do not worry, i will be doing a bunch of giveaways this week :thumbsup:

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