KF 2 - Next update (25.03.16)

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      KF 2 - Next update (25.03.16)


      gonna summarize all facts about the next update as the "old" post was affected by the data loss too:
      • sharpshooter will be the next perk to be released
      • 2 weapons have been confirmed: good olf crossbow and lever action rifle
      • new map: soviet- stylish prison
      • dynamiy difficulty adjustment: performance of the players will be monitored during a match and difficulty will be adjusted (dont know how much) to ensure a challanging but do-able game expierence
      • hans might get a nerfed/ changed
      • for some statistics about perk preferences and win/loose ratio depending on difficulty and boss check this post: steamcommunity.com/gid/1035827…detail/970894511938085286
      • no time for the update known yet but i think it will still take some time

      • small update: improved game data tracking aaaaaaaaand hans melee damaged got decreased :O (on hard only)
      • there was a live stream with one of the kf2 devs and pvp has been confirmed there, as far as i know the following game modes:
      • 2 teams competing who can survive longer (they cant hurt each other directly but can use zeds: rage fps scs, etc)
      • 1 player plays as clot who has to run away and survive as long as possible while humans with knifes hunt him
      • 1 player as boss (pat or hans?) against humans

      • pvp has been officially confirmed: 6v6 pvp survival, similar to l4d i think: survivors play against zeds which can be controlled by humans
      • if humans make it to the final wave 1 player will play as the patriach against them

      • all weapons of the sharpshooter perk have been confirmed:
      • lever action rifle
      • crossbow

      • M14 EBR
      • horzine railgun

      • next update will NOT contain sharpshooter (BOO!) perk but only LAR and crossbow as off-perk weapons, sharpshooter will be released with an later update
      • this however makes me hope the update will happen in the near future and sharpshooter would only delay it :D

      new post about the upcoming update, mostly summarzing previous posts but with a bit further information:

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