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Class Mod - Release / Documentation / FAQ

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    Class Mod - Release / Documentation / FAQ

    < Class Mod >

    I am excited to announce the release of Class Mod, SoD's newest addition to the Zombie Panic Servers.

    The mod will be released this Friday @ 6:30 PM GMT (05/02/2016) and will consume EU 1.

    Both JX MOD Servers will be taken down for the entire weekend to
    populate the new mod and get our community and new players active on the

    As of Monday, JX MOD will return on EU2 Only. We will also be changing and setting up our other mods and previous mods in weeks to come.

    What is Class Mod?

    As the mod name suggests, Class Mod is a Class-Based system which has
    many different classes with their own unique abilities. Each class will
    have different statistics, tools and upgrades to save, or destroy
    mankind. Each class has it's own leveling system, which means you can
    switch and level up any class you desire at any point.

    How do i play?

    When a new player first joins, they will be required to choose a class
    for each team. For those who have trouble reading and/or just want to
    get in and play, a random class will be assigned. You can change your
    class at any time, however, the change will not take affect until you
    next re-spawn. This means a Human can only be a single class each round,
    where-as a zombie can change at any point. The class menu can be
    accessed via the in-chat command !class

    How do upgrades work?

    Each class has their own unique upgrades, this means you can no longer
    upgrade health, speed, damage, armour from any single class. Each class
    currently has Two upgrades, which will boost current class abilities.

    What are Abilities?

    Abilities are the biggest addition to the current game-play of ZPS and
    our previous upgrade mods, it gives players additional tools to play
    with, either by spawning Med packs, sending shock-waves, placing Ammo
    packs or even slowing players. Abilities all have a specific Cool-down
    based on their class ( which will be shown on screen, or in chat for
    it's cool-down ) whilst some can be upgraded to reduce the cool-down.

    Abilities are used by the default Key : J

    Abilities can also be assigned to a custom key using : !bind <key>

    Example for your middle mouse button : !bind MOUSE3

    Example for your v key : !bind v

    How many classes have been added?

    10 Human & 7 Zombie classes have been added. Below is a full list along with their stats and abilities.

    How do i upgrade a class?

    Each class gains experience based on the performance of the
    whole team. Experience is only given to your current class and class
    progression will be displayed in-game.

    Once a class level's up, you will gain an upgrade point which can be spent on the Class Upgrade Menu.

    Upgrades for both teams can be accessed via the !class command.

    Alternatively, we have added !rpg and !upgrade, which will open the upgrade menu directly to your current played class.

    Class Upgrades will slowly cost more points to upgrade.

    Other information on class mod

    Max Classes ) there is a maximum of 3 classes in a single round.

    If a player joins the server on a full class, they will be asked to change, if not a random will be given.

    The menu will prevent you from choosing a full class.

    Class Boosts ) Classes that have global boosts, stack. Mutliple Eye Que & Patriarchs will increase the total stats for that round.

    What other commands are available?

    VIP) !VIP - Access to the VIP Menu to unlock Skins, Buy VIP Days, EXP, Tokens,

    Jouxbox) !buysong - Buy a song of your choice !buysong name of song

    Chat Games) Brand New timed events, Players will have the chance to answer multiple in-chat questions !

    RTD) rtd or !rtd Brand new RollTheDice with many new rewards and interactive rewards.

    Hud Toggle ) !hud - can be used to disable specific in-game huds.

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