The SoD Killing Floor 2 guide

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      The SoD Killing Floor 2 guide

      Hi folks,

      as the number of SoD members who play KF2 increases i want to help new players to get started and prevent noob mistakes :D

      General tips
      • dont buy armor for the early waves (without scrakes and fleshpounds), you dont really need it and as you usually still get hit several times its waste of money
      • heal your teammates: your medic device recharges way faster if you heal a teammate comparted to healing yourself
      • buy a medic pistol if you can carry it: it weighs only 1 block, does more damage than default 9mm and can be used to heal teamates from distance
      • zed target priority: 1. raged scrakes: always focus raged scrakes, once raged they wont calm down like flesh pounds do, run faster than every player and to tons of damage
      2. sirens (especially if they come along with flesh pounds): their screams ignore armor and destroy grenades, so kill them first before wasting grenades
      3. flesh pounds: their weekness are explosives, use grenades and your heaviest guns; they either rage when they take a certain amount of damage or randomly after a certain time; flesh pounds calm down after achieveing a certain amount of hits in raged mode
      4.husks: they are the only ones who can attack from far range and if they hit you they set you on fire too so take them out as fast as possible
      5. all trash zeds
      6. scrakes: if not raged they have the lowest priority, they just walk slowly towards the player and only attack if they get close; ensure that the coast is clear then take them out together; scrakes rage once their health is below the threshold and as above mentioned do not calm down again
      • warn your team if you spot a big zed: fp usually means flesh pound, sc means scrake
      • try to find a space with a low number of entrances but be aware that you need a escape route if you get overrun which can happen easily during higher waves

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